Harley’s Very First Facebook Post

“Reading Harley’s very first Facebook post from 6 years ago brings tears of love, sadness, pride, amazement, and of tremendous loss. I wonder if Harley knew what was in store for him. Could anyone have ever imagined the accomplishments he would make during his 5 years of freedom?” -Rudi (Harley’s mom)

Below are some of Harley’s earliest pictures.


  1. Oh Harley you precious little guy. You are missed but you left a fabulous legacy.

  2. I miss Harley everyday and I tell everyone I meet about Harley and puppy mills because of him!

    • In our house we adore all animals and we are full of rescues of all sorts. Some even choose to live outside and are called Feral Cats, but we still name them. We have loved and adored animals all of our human lives and seeing Harley for that first time so many years ago reminds us of what a special being he was. We love and miss you every day Harley, we will always share your words and story! <3 love like Harley

  3. thank you for sharing all the wonderful early pictures of Harley. Through Harley I’ve met wonderful people who feel the way I do about dogs. It has also brought a focus to my life being that I did not really “know” about puppy mills before Harley.

  4. Harley was such a sweetheart, I’m always telling people about him even though I never met the little hero! Thank you for giving him all that care and love during his 5 yrs. of freedom!

  5. Mr. Harley keeps me going! I can’t wait to organize my/our “Praceful Protest” here in Lee County Florida. #HarleysDreams #puppymills

  6. I was torn between marking the post regarding Harley’s first FB post… with a <3 or a 🙁 But……Harley was all about love, trust, and good in the world. So…..I chose <3 I've followed Harley since Day 1. This post is bittersweet. It was the beginning….the beginning of something VERY AMAZING!!!!!! Harley's Legacy continues….(thank you, Teddy, for all YOU do to keep this amazing journey going!). And then there was Fernando! Silly, wonderful, adorable 'Nando. And now…Frankie! Frankie who is just one of a kind! Good thing I live in Florida and not Colorado…or Rudi Taylor and Dan would need to be worried. 🙂 I remember that very first FB post, and so many of those that have come since. So, don't be sad. Be happy!!!!! Before Harley, before Teddy, before Zoie I, and 'Nando and Frankie…….how many of you, of us, gave a whole lot of thought to puppy mills!? Well now….I DO! Every day! Because of a little one-eyed puppy mill survivor….who we all wanted to live forever, but knew wouldn't. But…..his DREAM DOES!!!! #LLH, #HarleysDream. Thank you, Harley! I am a better person today that before that very first FB post! RIP….sweet boy. Your dream lives on….and will continue to do so.

  7. Missing you every day, Harley. I am so grateful and thankful that you’ve changed my life for the better and everyday I am inspired to do the right thing and #LoveLikeHarley❤️❤️❤️

  8. Thank you for sharing this Rudy. I was not on Facebook in 2012, in fact I did not even start using Facebook until after Harley had already passed, so seeing this was a big pleasure for me. I just wish i would of got to share in those years when he was alive.

    • Harley, you were an inspiration from day1. Your dream still going strong!! I miss you Harley, you precious boy!! 😥❤️

      • He hold us as friends together, would always love and cherish him.

  9. Harley touched so many lives and so many hearts, He didn’t just belong to Rudi and Dan, he belonged to all of us and I’m so thankful that Rudi and Dan chose to share Harley with us. He’s changed so many lives, so many people’s hearts and thoughts. Harley isn’t gone, he lives on through us and Teddy and NMDR and through everything we do to end puppy mills. He touched the world and the world listened.

  10. Hi Harley your a beautiful innocent lil Soul 💓 your Legacy is Awesome you taught me all about these HORRENDIS Puppy Mills you have so much love I miss n love you your a precious lil Fella Love Mary 🍀🐾💜

  11. Harley, I was so happy when I came across you in the early days of your freedom. You’ve made me happy, laugh and sad all in one post. Oh how I miss you. Oh how I love you! You mom and dad are such wonderful people. Thank you for sharing Harley with all of us Thank you Harley for making me a better human being. I know you are probably making all sort of shenanigans on this Saint Paddy’s day with all of your family up there. Tell them all hi for me and give Fernando a big 🤗. I love you Harley Taylor.

  12. I’m so glad Harley had love for a few years before he crossed the rainbow bridge, I’m happy to know that he is no longer in pain and is frolicking with other fur babies in heaven, love you Harley and miss you ❤️❤️❤️🐶🐶🐶🐶🙏🙏🙏

  13. Harley you are missed . I did not find out about you until you went to heaven but I love you

  14. I just read Harley’s first post. Sitting here sobbing, he was such a noble,brave and wise little person. I am glad you are keeping his dream alive.

  15. I wish I could have known about Harley before he passed away. I also have a Harley in my dog rescue family, a little wire haired chihuahua found on the streets at 4 lb, about 6 years old. He has a terminal heart condition but I love him dearly. Nobody else wanted him so I knew my home and heart will be his forever home. I am a total advocate of animal rights, and I hate puppy mills, and if you need help in any way, please let me know.. I continually tell my friends about the horrors of puppy mills. Thank you thank you thank you for all you do, and please give Teddy a hug for me!

  16. I just left a comment today, but I wanted to add something else. In 1971 I was newly married and looking for a job. I’d always loved animals and actually found a job at a pet store in our local mall. I didn’t realize at the time that the pups sold in our store were from puppy mills in the Midwest. All of them were flown in, some were ill, some had birth defects, all were in need of love and a huge amount of vet care. I worked at the store only a short time because it bothered me so badly when I found out where these dogs had come from and was ecstatic when the store closed down due to bankruptcy. Since then I have been an advocate of spreading the word about puppy mills and backyard breeders, telling people everywhere to adopt from shelters where often conditions are not the best. Please, fellow animal lovers, continue to advocate the closing of puppy mills! Adopt, don’t buy!

  17. God bless you baby. Just want you too know how much YOUR LIFE MATTERED and that you left a huge pawprint on all of our hearts and made us all want too be better people on you’re behalf💝

  18. Such a beautiful and precious little soul. He makes me appreciate my own pups and all their love just that much more. You never know true love and loyalty until you have a dog as a member of your family. Thank you Harley for bringing such awareness to those of us who just never though about “puppy mills” and so-called humans and their greediness to the point of harming sweethearts like you. Bless you and those who have followed in your footsteps.

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