Harley’s Memory Wall

Two years ago today, Harley passed away and left us with broken hearts … but he also left a legacy which continues to grow steadily and is already making a tremendous impact. Harley’s Dream, a nonprofit organization formed in Harley’s memory, is dedicated to educating and bringing an end to puppy mills. Many of you have reached out to share your sentiments and also to ask how you can help.

We’re building a “Memory Wall” on Harley’s website. This wall will include memories, sentiments, and tributes that YOU write. Everyone is encouraged to send us their remembrance of Harley!

No donation is necessary to have your remembrance included on Harley’s Memory Wall. But if you are able and would like to help us continue his work, please consider making a $5 donation; you can then include your remembrance in the comment box on the donation form. Please click this link to make a $5 donation. Your remembrance of Harley can also be emailed to us at info@harleysdream.org.

The Memory Wall will be beautiful and we’re excited to start ‘building’ it. We also have thoughts of creating a photo book which will include many of your memories.

We are beyond grateful for everyone’s support. Thank you for loving Harley and caring about his dream.

Dan & Rudi


  1. ..writing..

    ..what a beautiful idea…
    ..precious HARLEY knows..
    ..+ his sweet little heart sings…

  2. Angel love Harley you are so missed and loved beyond words it’s hard to write..thank you for being in my life and for everything you are a bright shiny star , I have learned so much from you…I think you know how you have touched the world…..you are hero I love you ❤❤

  3. A most Happy Gotcha Day at the Bridge sweet Harley! I miss you and still cry for you as do your people, I’m sure. You were sent straight from God to begin this charity. Nothing happens by accident…..Say hello to Fernando for me. I miss him, too. <3 <3 <3

  4. I became a monthly donor to Harley’s Dream last year. I found Harley’s page about 3 years ago, either shortly before or shortly after I adopted my chihuahua, Lennon, from the local animal shelter. I may have had a passing knowledge of puppy mills, but Harley (and Teddy and all of Harley’s siblings and friends) really opened my eyes to what puppy mills really are and do. I enjoyed watching all of Harley’s antics on Facebook and was always amazed how his love for life completely overshadowed any anger or pain that he had from being in the mill all those years. He really did teach us to ‘love like Harley’. I remember that day – two years ago. I knew Harley couldn’t live forever, but it sure seemed like he could. I watched my facebook for updates all day – with dread. I know I cried when we finally got the news we were all not wanting to hear. I adopted a new dog that week and named her Harley in his honor. I hope I am always able to support Harley, Teddy and the cause and I truly hope that someday – I won’t have to.

  5. It was the first post in my Memories today..I can’t forget the feeling I had when I read the news, it was like one of my own was taken from me.. Run Free up there little Hero… No one is ever going to let your Dream go away..You were so Loved 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

  6. Harley is a HERO!!! He taught us the horrors of puppy mills. I only knew of ” back yard” breeders, but no idea how bad they really were. I was heart broken to learn how Harley suffered and lost his eye. Every day I share post on FB. Also tell people Harley’s story. We must keep Harley’s Dream alive!

  7. Harley, I will always remember You! You opened my eyes to the horrors of Puppy Mills and I contribute every month to Harleys Dream in your honor. Love you forever!!💖💖💖💖

  8. My best memory of Harley is the day I got to meet him and hold him. Harley and his mom and dad were coming to Washington DC. I live in Maryland so I took the day off from work and drove over an hour. I knew it was probably my only chance to meet them and it meant so much to me. Rudi and Dan are super nice and of course Harley was awesome! I treasure the photos that Rudi took of me holding Harley. ❤

  9. This is BEAUTIFUL tribute. Thank you for sharing your story Harley & Teddy. You both have opened my eyes to horrendous abuses in puppy mills, and from you I can share your story to help educate others about puppy mills. Thank you and love you all for all you’ve done. I will continue to collect my awesome superhero tees!!!
    RIP HARLEY and your legacy will live on for you & Teddy.

  10. Harley, a tiny, yet huge presence. A gift, an inspiration, a hero. Harley was many different things to many different people. I knew I was holding something very special when I was able to hold Harley in my arms for the first time. Always a reminder of Hope. Always a light in the world. Always reminding us of the good within us and the power of love….and dreams.

  11. Dear Rudi and Dan, I remember that day so well. I had been following Harley for a while on Facebook. When I found out you were going to be in Tucson I was so excited! Harley was coming to my home town. When you arrived at the park I was thrilled. I was finally going to be able to meet this little dog I had been reading about. When it came my time to hold Harley I could hardly believe it. He was so tiny. I looked into his face and cried. I knew what he had been thru and yet he was so loving and patient. Humans had only been cruel to him but he was able to forgive.
    That day changed my life forever! I became involved in the fight to put an end to puppy mills! Now whenever I have the chance I tell people about puppy mills I do. I tell them about pet stores that get their puppies from mills. I always have pass along cards in my wallet and wear my Harley shirts. The day I found out Harley passed my heart broke. It was if he had been my dog, and in a sense he was. He belonged to all of us who loved him. So I carry on and help work towards the day when Harley’s dream comes true! That there will be no more puppy mills! Thank you for sharing Harley with all of us. I shall never forget him.💗

  12. Remember learning about him just before voting for AHH Awards voted for him daily because he is a survivor and has a great cause. I still have the tape of the awards. Was heart broken when he passed over the Rainbow Bridge, just like a lots of people who came to love him.

  13. Harley was special to some many people. He was a very special baby and is missed by many.

  14. Happy happy 17th Birthday/Gotcha Day, Harley. It’s been two years ago today when you left us and went to Heaven. I was shattered and my heart broken into millions of pieces. I’ve never get a chance to have met you during your five years in freedom but IU have the opportunity and privileged getting to know through your social media Facebook page and groups as I follow all your exciting and heartwarming adventures and projects along with your parents and siblings, your best buddy, Teddy and all all the Harley’s Dream Heroes accros the nation as we honor your legacy lives on and Harley’s Dream to be fulfilled that one day all the cages will be empty and the last puppy mill dog will be freed and puppy mills will no longer exists.
    Harley, last year I have finally made it for the first time to your Hops and Harley annual event and the spirits and the atmosphere were overwhelmingly joyful, energetic and full of life… I can feel you were there the whole time and watching over us and celebrating with great pride and joy. Thank you Harley for inspiring me everyday to be a better person and making a difference in the lives of puppy mill dogs as I continue to spread your messages to fight against puppy mills.

  15. He changed my life with his story and sweet face!! I will always love and miss him. Forever in my heart. 💔

  16. This little dog touched my heart ❤️ years ago. Every chance I get to educate anyone I do!

  17. Harley, even though we never met, I feel like I had known and loved you forever!
    I will continue to spread your word and mission!

  18. Hope that u are enjoying ur new adventures and visit sometimes U are so very loved and missed💖💋

  19. My dear precious Harley, The first time I saw you, I loved you, You kept me going, taught me so much, Through you I learned ,to help fight to end puppy mills, Each day ,you are in my thoughts, tell you good night each day. God needed you,before I got to meet you, I see your picture I smaile through the tears, Thank you Harley,for teaching us to love like Harley,, Till we meet at the bridge, I love you

  20. Your sweet face makes me smile, your missing eye hurts my heart. You taught me all about the horror of puppy mills. I’m so sorry that day after day, year after year, you lived this. Then you were rescued by love and by God. He put you and your family together. And together, you turned bad into good, horror into help and tears into smiles. Rest In Peace, sweet angel
    . 🙏❤️😘😇

  21. I remember finding Harleys page some years ago. I learned a lot about puppy mills. Since then I have fostered and adopted Bernie who lived 5 years in a puppy mill. His legs are crooked from having to balance his tiny feet so they didn’t fall through the cage. He’s cute as a button like Harley. Saddly his time is limited as he has CHF and is on the highest strength of meds. We didn’t think he would make it through Christmas…but he did. We treasure each day. Thank you for all you do.

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