Harley’s Kids

Welcome to “Harley’s Kids”, a place where children can learn what to do to help the dogs in puppy mills!

We’d love to see stories, photos, artwork, presentations, school reports, actions, and videos depicting what children are doing to help carry on Harley’s message about puppy mills. Please send to us at info@harleysdream.org.

What children can do:

  • Never buy a puppy from a pet store or flea market
  • Never order a puppy from the internet
  • Tell family and friends about puppy mills
  • Adopt a dog from a rescue or shelter
  • Volunteer at a rescue or shelter
  • Research puppy mills for a school project
  • Create a school presentation about puppy mills
  • Use the topic of puppy mills or pet stores for a persuasive speech
  • Create artwork or an activity around puppy mills
  • Contact your legislator to express your views on the puppy mill issue
  • Create (paint) & wear a Harley shirt and tell people all about Harley
  • Paint and hide rocks in your community (learn more here)











Below are a variety of Activities and Coloring Sheets which are available for you to download and print.

Love Like Harley (Coloring Sheet)
Love Like Harley and Teddy (Coloring Sheet)
Love Like Harley (Maze – Easy)
Love Like Harley (Maze – Moderate)
Love Like Harley (Word Search)
Love Like Harley (Word Scramble)

Superheroes – Harley & Teddy (Coloring Sheet)
Superhero Harley (Coloring Sheet)
Superhero Teddy (Coloring Sheet)
Superhero Emblem (Coloring Sheet)
Superhero (Word Search)
Superhero (Word Scramble
If I Were a Superhero (Writing Activity)
How to be a Superhero (Writing Activity)
What Would a Superhero Do? (Writing Activity)
Design Your Superhero Cape (Drawing Activity)
Design Your Superhero Emblem (Drawing Activity)
Superhero Certificate
‘H’ for Harley (Maze)
‘T’ for Teddy (Maze)

Take a BITE out of Puppy Mills (Coloring Sheet)
Take a BITE out of Puppy Mills (Coloring Sheet)
Take a BITE out of Puppy Mills (Maze – Easy)
Take a BITE out of Puppy Mills (Maze – Moderate)
Take a BITE out of Puppy Mills (Word Scramble)
Take a BITE out of Puppy Mills (Word Search)

Learn more about our child-friendly campaigns:

Love Like Harley – Harley lived for 10 years in a puppy mill cage and lost his eye in a cruel manner. Once freed, he lived with purpose to change the lives of puppy mill dogs, but he did so with compassion, forgiveness, and lots of love. We continue to raise awareness about puppy mills, educate the public, and advocate for change … in the spirit of Love Like Harley!

Be a Superhero Against Puppy Mills – Children are the future of animal welfare. Many times they are involved in and influence purchasing decisions in the family – especially when it involves a puppy. Our wish is that through our “Be A Superhero” campaign, children learn how to make humane decisions and take simple actions to not support puppy mills.

Take a BITE Out of Puppy Mills – Teddy, a puppy mill survivor, was the inspiration behind our “Take a BITE” campaign.  A few years ago, he had to visit the doctor for a series of blood tests and one day he decided to wear his vampire costume to an appointment … and the idea was born!