Public Awareness Program

The commercial breeding of dogs (aka puppy mills) is a multi-billion-dollar industry in the United States. And, it’s an industry that most people are completely unaware of. The reality is that dogs are considered “livestock” in the laws of our federal government and breeding is regulated as agriculture by the US Department of Agriculture. Today’s laws for commercial breeding allow a level of care for our canine companions that most people would consider inhumane. Commercial dog breeders focus on maximizing their profits at the expense of the welfare of the dogs. Unsuspecting consumers purchase their puppies through websites and pet stores, unaware of the horrible conditions in which the parent dogs live (and die). Increased consumer consciousness of the reality of this industry will lead to change in the laws and in individual decision-making about pet ownership.

Key Campaign Initiatives

  • Large-Scale Public Awareness  – Signs from Harley Billboards, Banners, Signage. Impactful awareness campaigns strategically located throughout the country to capture attention, motivate awareness, and eventually drive increased education and change.
  • Social Media Awareness: (Twitter, Instagram, Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube):  Social media messaging with more than 200,000 followers driving online awareness.
  • Peaceful Protests/Rallies:  Through the staging by Harley’s Heroes of peaceful, organized, and educated protests at pet stores that sell puppies, awareness of the issues will be raised.  We make available a variety of affordable, compelling, professional, high-quality protest signs.
  • Puppy Mill Awareness Cards:  Distributed throughout the world by avid supporters, awareness cards (presented in a business card-size) are impactful, relay the puppy mill facts, and drive individual consumer awareness.
  • Media Awareness:  Through interviews and articles, and using Harley’s story as inspiration, Harley’s Dream spreads awareness about the cruel realities of the puppy mill industry.
  • T-Shirts/Products: A variety of products, when seen in public, will bring attention to the puppy mill issue. This includes t-shirts, car signs, bumper stickers, hats and other merchandise.
  • Hops & Harley:  An annual awareness event held in Berthoud, CO attracting 3,000 visitors from around the world. The primary goal of Hops & Harley is to spread the message about the puppy mill issue.
  • Art by Teddy:  Our unique campaign called Art by Teddy was designed to spread puppy mill awareness through art, created by a puppy mill survivor named Teddy.

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