Harley’s Memory Wall

Harley passed away and left us with broken hearts … but he also left a legacy which continues to grow steadily and is already making a tremendous impact. Harley’s Dream, a nonprofit organization formed in Harley’s memory, is dedicated to educating and bringing an end to puppy mills. Many of you have reached out to share your sentiments and also to ask how you can help.

This “wall” includes memories, sentiments, and tributes from YOU. Everyone is encouraged to send us their remembrance of Harley!

No donation is necessary to have your remembrance included on Harley’s Memory Wall. But if you are able and would like to help us continue his work, please consider making a $5 donation; you can then include your remembrance in the comment box on the donation form. Please click this link to make a $5 donation. Your remembrance of Harley can also be emailed to us at info@harleysdream.org.

We are beyond grateful for everyone’s support. Thank you for loving Harley and caring about his dream. Please enjoy reading all the heartwarming sentiments below.

Dan & Rudi

Harley, a tiny, yet huge presence. A gift, an inspiration, a hero. Harley was many different things to many different people. I knew I was holding something very special when I was able to hold Harley in my arms for the first time. Always a reminder of Hope. Always a light in the world. Always reminding us of the good within us and the power of love … and dreams. – Bridget

Always remember. – Paul

The first time I encountered Harley was in October 2015. I was in Hudson News in GCT when this magazine caught my eye. It had the most beautiful picture of a one-eyed Chi on the front and I had to purchase it. It got packed away as I was preparing to move. Not knowing that was the same dog, I began to follow both Harley and Teddy on Facebook and Instagram. Having a rescue Chihuahua, I loved both these dogs and began to follow/support. Two years later, unpacking. I found the magazine and realized that beautiful dog was Harley. – Christa

Harley inspired me during my cancer journey. This little dog who had been through so much was still so sweet and loving and showed me what a hero is. Thank you for sharing Harley with us. I am forever grateful. – Sarah

Harley won my heart the first time I saw him in a Facebook post. It was hard to imagine the cruelty he had survived. But I think God chose him to be the one to educate the world about Puppy Mills. His passing was an excruciating loss for so many. His spirit & memory lives on in the hearts of all who loved him. He will forever be a Superhero. I will always love and miss this sweet boy. – Jodi

Harley was small in size but huge in stature. I will always remember him as a dog who waited 10 years to find his true purpose. He is gone from here, but his legacy is huge and will continue to be for so many years to come. I’m honored to have played a small role in introducing people to Harley and will hold him in my heart for all of my days. – Aubrie

Thank you, Harley, for inspiring me to change. – Scott

Love and miss Harley dearly! Keep up the good fight from heaven angel. – Christa

The beautiful difference you have made in my life and the lives of countless others, both humans and animals, is immeasurable … precious HARLEY. And your positive influence is and will be unending. My heart smiles with you forever in it, dearest HARLEY. – Arleen

I learned about sweet little Harley after he won the Hero Dog Awards. I was a little late to the party, but I am so glad I got to know him through his posts (unfortunately, I never got to meet him in person) and through Dan and Rudi. I always knew never to buy a dog from a pet store, but I really did not know how bad puppy mills could be until Harley told me, and showed me. He inspired me to volunteer at my local animal shelter and to always spread the word about puppy mills in any way I can. – Julie

You have left a legacy of hope for all the puppy mill rescues out there. You may have been tiny but the fight inside you is something even humans lack. I’m reminded of you every day when I look at my rescue Chihuahua, Mr. Braydee. I’m so thankful you were given a chance to live your life loved, safe and to become a hero. Fly high beautiful soul in the sky. If only us humans could live like Harley. You may be gone, but Harley’s dream will last forever. – Jennifer

Your memory lives on, Harley. You would be so proud of the effort your mom and dad have put into educating people on puppy mills. One mill at a time until they are all closed… that’s the goal! – Deb

I never got to meet you little man, but you really stole my heart. I felt so bad when I heard what you went through, but you were so truly blessed when Dan and Rudi found you. Continue to R.I.P. with much love and continued prayers. –

I had the pleasure of meeting sweet Harley at the Tuscon meet and greet in February 2016. Holding him made my heart sing! – Joan

I always remember feeling there was something so very special about Harley. Whether it was the story about him or seeing pictures of him. I always felt like he was our dog, too! Love you always, Harley. – Jill

Harley`s story has touched my heart in a very special way even though I never met him. I wish I could give and do more for all the animals that are still suffering. God bless you and your team for doing an amazing job raising awareness and giving a voice to all those who can`t speak. – Stephanie

I remember learning about Harley just before voting for American Humane Hero Dog Awards. I voted for him daily because he is a survivor and has a great cause. I still have the tape of the awards. Was heartbroken when he passed over the Rainbow Bridge, just like a lot of people who came to love him. – Marlaina

I remember finding Harley’s (facebook) page some years ago. I learned a lot about puppy mills. Since then I have fostered and adopted Bernie who lived 5 years in a puppy mill. His legs are crooked from having to balance his tiny feet so they didn’t fall through the wire cage. He’s cute as a button like Harley. Sadly, his time is limited as he has CHF and is on the highest strength of meds. We didn’t think he would make it through Christmas … but he did. We treasure each day. Thank you for all you do. – Rebecca

Harley, I love you dearly and am so glad to know your cause is creating positive changes for dogs. I miss you so! Your friend forever, Lynne xo

Today, 3/20/18, I cried (no… I sobbed) just like I did 2 years ago. Sad tears that Harley’s gone, but also happy tears for all of the love and inspiration he brought to all of us. Because of Harley, I have met some of the most incredible people who I now consider friends. I have been inspired, educated and have a purpose. I prayed he would live forever knowing that he wouldn’t. BUT his DREAM does! Thank you, Harley. I am a better person today because of you. #LLH, #HarleysDream. – Nancy

My own dogs came from puppy mills as rescues but I had no idea how truly awful these mills were until I discovered Harley and his parents. I have had both a loving and educational journey following Harley, Teddy and their Facebook pages. Harley started quite a movement and I am so thankful that this little, one-eyed dog led the way. – Susan

Harley, you inspired me to my very core. Love you! – Lynne

Harley and his dream mean a lot to me. I love his message of compassion, ethics, courage, and kindness. Harley has inspired me to do what I can to help bring awareness to the critical animal welfare issue of puppy mills. Sharing Harley’s Dream is what interest me most to do in my spare time. Harley’s Dream has enriched my life in priceless ways and I am very grateful and fortunate I found Harley’s Facebook page and I will always support his mission to end puppy mills. XXX – Archie and Verleene

Harley, even though we never met, I feel like I had known and loved you forever! I will continue to spread your word and mission! Love, Vicki

I never got to meet Harley, but he touched me with his loving face and his story. He inspired me to share the horrors of puppy mills and warn people about buying pets. I’ve started sharing pictures of my own rescue dog, Jasper, who luckily was not from a puppy mill. I use the hashtags #HarleysDream, #adoptdontshop #endpuppymills, and #lovelikeHarley each day. – Lalita

I learned about a rescue dog from a one-eyed tiny frail body. Full of love and compassion. I don’t have much money but I’ve tried to do what I can. Harley passed away about 6 months after mine did. My heart was broken twice I will always rescue. This tiny frail one-eyed pup made a difference in everyone’s life. In memory of Harley and my sweet Daphne. – Maria

Our Family will always remember and love Harley. Always. – Mario, Richard, Roscoe, Guapo, O-Ren, and Taco

Because of Harley

Because of Harley, we found out about the horrors of puppy mills.

Because of Harley, we witnessed how love and a little time can transform the heart of a dog.

Because of Harley, we saw an article on The Dodo in 2015 and adopted our beloved Sakura. She was rescued from a puppy mill with an embedded collar and frostbite scars on her feet at only 14 months old.  When we first brought her home, she was so very scared. Her canine brothers,  Bacon and Mingus, set about teaching her how to dog. It took her about a year to warm up to men, but now she is such a Daddy’s Girl. With baby steps along the way, Sakura has blossomed into the goofy husky she was meant to be. When she has worn out her brothers, she plays with toys while woo-wooing at herself in the mirror. She can still be shy around strangers but is warming up to friends. Sakura has become a playful, confident, spirited, snuggle-bug.

Because of Harley, we adopted Cyclone in 2016, born in a puppy mill and discarded as a breeding stud after 10 years in a cage. It took him weeks to leave the living room. He didn’t make a sound for weeks. When he started to explore, he could not travel in a straight line but looped in circles. It only took a few tries to come up two stairs and into the house, but a couple of months to go the other direction and to our bedroom. He has slept with us since the first night and discovered the awesomeness of pets and belly rubs. He takes his cues from Sakura and attacks her with kisses. He found his voice and has the house and yard mapped out. Cyclone has transformed into the most joyful dog and now only spins in circles of joy prancing like a little pony.

Because of Harley, our home is full of fur but our hearts are overflowing with love and pride in each and every triumph.

Because of Harley, we will always adopt seniors and mill rescues until we can see Harley’s Dream come true and close them all down.

Because of Harley, We Believe! David & Jessica

My dear precious Harley, The first time I saw you, I loved you. You kept me going, taught me so much. Through you I learned to help fight to end puppy mills. Each day you are in my thoughts, and I tell you goodnight each night. God needed you before I got to meet you. When I see your picture, I smile through the tears. Thank you Harley, for teaching us to Love Like Harley. Til we meet at the bridge, I love you. – Reva

Harley, you are missed. You are always going to be in my heart. Luv u. – Katherine

Never forgotten. – Lisa

I will always remember Harley’s trip to Hollywood and him receiving the Hero Dog Award! It was such a heartwarming and exciting time! Also, was thrilled to meet and hold him in Tucson. – Patrice

My best memory of Harley is the day I got to meet him and hold him. Harley and his mom and dad were coming to Washington, DC. I live in Maryland so I took the day off from work and drove over an hour. I knew it was probably my only chance to meet them and it meant so much to me. Rudi and Dan are super nice and of course, Harley was awesome! I treasure the photos that Rudi took of me holding Harley. – Nancy

Harley, I will always remember you! You opened my eyes to the horrors of Puppy Mills and I contribute every month to Harleys Dream in your honor. Love you forever!! – Mary Ann

Harley’s friendship with Teddy and their combined courage to fight against the cruelty of puppy mills has always inspired me. We should all have a relationship that helps us be our best self! – Katie

Angel love Harley, you are so missed and loved beyond words. It’s hard to write… thank you for being in my life and for everything you are a bright shiny star. I have learned so much from you. I think you know how you have touched the world. You are my hero. I love you. – Lisa

In memory of Allie McBeagle, Portia and Penny. You will always be I’m my heart. – Tamara

Harley – Miss your funny little face buddy! – Anna

Harley changed my life with his story and sweet face! I will always love and miss him. Forever in my heart. – Karen

Harley, you’re always in my heart. Love u. RIP cutie pie. – Christina

Thank you for sharing Harley with us and keeping his memory alive! I will continue to spread the word about puppy mills and all that I have learned! Harley will be forever in our hearts! – Robin

Harley’s Dream now a reality! – Vickie

I found Harley’s page about 3 years ago, either shortly before or shortly after I adopted my chihuahua, Lennon, from the local animal shelter. I may have had a passing knowledge of puppy mills, but Harley (and Teddy and all of Harley’s siblings and friends) really opened my eyes to what puppy mills really are and do. I enjoyed watching all of Harley’s antics on Facebook and was always amazed how his love for life completely overshadowed any anger or pain that he had from being in the mill all those years. He really did teach us to ‘love like Harley’. I remember that day – two years ago. I knew Harley couldn’t live forever, but it sure seemed like he could. I watched my facebook for updates all day – with dread. I know I cried when we finally got the news we were all not wanting to hear. I adopted a new dog that week and named her Harley in his honor. I hope I am always able to support Harley, Teddy, and the cause and I truly hope that someday – I won’t have to. – Phoebe

Thank you for sharing your stories, Harley and Teddy. You both have opened my eyes to horrendous abuses in puppy mills, and from you I can share your stories to help educate others about puppy mills. Thank you and love you all for all you’ve done. I will continue to collect my awesome superhero tees! RIP HARLEY and your legacy will live on for you and Teddy. – Evie

Harley was special to some many people. He was a very special baby and is missed by many. – Sarah

I hope that you are enjoying your new adventures and will visit sometimes. You are so very loved and missed. – Hope

Harley, I wish I could give more. You were the best ambassador we all had to end the mills. – Helen

Fly high little angel, Harley. We won’t forget you and your dream of no more puppy mills. I wish I could have known and held you in person, but I feel like I did – following your memories online. God bless the family you left behind that gave you the life you deserved in your final years on earth. RIP Harley … may your dream save many more dogs. – Marian

May your dream live on. I will always love you. Hugs, Lynne