Contact your Lawmakers

You can help put an end to the cruel commercial dog breeding industry by voicing your concerns to your lawmakers.

Putting an end to puppy mills starts with YOU!  Starting at the most local level of government, you have the ability to spread this message and raise awareness with those who have the power to create laws. Here’s how to contact them:

First and foremost, contact the members of your State Legislature.  Tell them how you feel about puppy mills, provide them links to puppy mill information and photos, and share Harley’s website with them:

Write to your State Governor

Contact your United States Senators and House Representatives

Write to the President

Contact your MayorsCity Council MembersCounty Executives –  Other Local Officials

Please contact the Secretary of Agriculture and remind him that the AWA stands for the Animal Welfare Act and not the Dog Breeders Welfare Act. USDA’s sole focus, as mandated by Congress, should be on the welfare of the dogs and not the welfare of the substandard breeders’ businesses regardless of how the neglect of their animals is hurting them financially.

Contact Secretary Sonny Perdue at, leave a message at (202) 720-3631 or write him at:

Secretary Sonny Perdue
U. S. Department of Agriculture
Room 200-A
1400 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20250