“Love Like Harley” Enriches Life of Alzheimer’s Patient

Alzheimer’s patient, Pat, base-coating rocks in preparation for adding artwork.

Love Like Harley ROCKS began as a campaign aimed at spreading puppy mill awareness around the world through painted rocks. While the intent, of course, was to educate people about pet store puppies, there have been some beautiful and unanticipated rewards for some who have picked up the brush for Love Like Harley.

Pictured here is 86-year-old Pat, an Alzheimer’s patient and friend of Harley supporter Anita Cooney. Anita works full-time with people who are living with Alzheimer’s Disease and she regularly uses art to help enrich their lives. According to Anita, “We paint often and sing daily. Creating art is a large movement in the field of Alzheimer’s. It is very much alive in all our souls. Pat has talent! You would be surprised just how much her mind will remember. Nothing speaks louder than art. Pat had a beloved cocker spaniel named Holly and two cats. So I knew this project/awareness would fit her life. When I showed Pat her picture (in the Love Like Harley ROCKS facebook group) we laughed and laughed and came up with the new facebook name for her, Palette Pat!”

“It’s not about what you do, it’s about how much love you put in the doing.” – Mother Teresa

Learn about the #LoveLikeHarley ROCKS movement at this link: www.harleysdream.org/lovelikeharleyrocks


  1. This is wonderful to see glad they are able to help, gives an Alzheimer’s person creative activity. Also they can see what they did. ❤

  2. How beautiful. Harley continues to touch so many lives. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I have everything now (but the rocks LOL) to make some #LLH rocks at my Mom’s nursing home. She’s going to help me along with 2-3 other residents! I’m waiting for Anita Cooney to come up and lend a hand with her amazing talent and inspiration!!!!! 🙂

  4. What a wonderful story…it brought a smile and a tear this morning…thank you for sharing… <3

  5. I hope you’re still accepting rocks for Harley’s Garden. I had a rock, and with moving twice in 3 months I’ve lost it. We still want to contribute. I sure miss that little guy.

  6. How wonderful!!!! She looks like my Mom!!! God bless her!!!! Keep up the good work !!!! 💖 From Michigan.

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