Educational Program

Public consciousness and awareness about the puppy mill industry demands increased education. We believe that education should be tailored to each demographic. Through one-on-one, group, and targeted educational events, the public will learn the details about the reality of this industry and the link between puppy mills and pet stores/websites. This program provides individual and group education through creative and appropriate educational materials about the puppy mill industry, the pet store connection, and responsible pet ownership decision-making. Increased consumer education about the puppy mill to pet store / website connection will lead to the demand for improved legislation changes and informed individual decision-making about responsible pet ownership.

Key Campaign Initiatives

  • Educational Events: Through our Harley’s Heroes project,  hundreds of individuals across the country provide public education at tabling events, pet expos, and other venues.  They are armed with knowledge, educational materials, flyers, brochures, displays, and videos.
  • Presentations: Public appearances and speaking engagements by organization founders and key Harley’s Heroes members, provides first-hand accounts which can be obtained only from the hands-on experience of rescuing and caring for puppy mill survivors.
  • Children’s Educational Campaign: The creation and distribution of age-appropriate educational materials for children and schools, using the story of Harley.
  • Print and Display Educational Materials: Key messaging display resources: banners, rack cards, flyers and assorted print materials are available to the public and to Harley’s Heroes for educational events.
  • Bookmarks for Change: Puppy mill educational bookmarks are multi-functional and will be provided to libraries, book stores, and schools. Bookmark marketing is a creative way to educate the public in a non-graphic, compelling way.


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