Advocacy Program

Harley’s Dream is committed to not only increasing awareness and educating the public but also to supporting change to the laws that are currently in place as they relate to puppy mills. Current laws do not protect the dogs in mills and those that are in place are not appropriately enforced. We believe that a grassroots approach, jurisdiction by jurisdiction, will improve the welfare of our canine companions.

Although we believe in change at the federal and state level, as a grassroots organization with mobilized supporters across the country, our greatest impact can be to effect change at the local and regional levels. We support any legislation efforts that prohibit pet stores from selling dogs from commercial breeding facilities. We also support the transition of pet stores to a humane business model, either choosing to sell dogs from rescues or shelters only, or by selling only pet supply products. If pet shops didn’t sell puppies, or if they only offered shelter/rescue dogs for adoption, puppy mills would lose their biggest market and go out of business.

Key Campaign Initiatives

  • Harley’s Heroes:  Volunteer Individuals and Teams across the US and in other countries mobilized by ‘Action through Education’ to effect change in their communities.
  • Lobby Days:  Attended by Harley’s Heroes and independent supporters across the country, Humane Lobby Days are sponsored by the HSUS in states across the USA. These events give animal advocates like Harley’s Heroes the opportunity to talk to their state legislators about passing laws regarding puppy mill issues.
  • Petitions:  Harley’s Heroes regularly sign and help distribute pertinent petitions, helping to raise awareness regarding animal welfare and generate change.
  • Sample Letters Campaign:  Harley’s Dream provides sample templates to Harley’s Heroes and individual supporters to write letters to the editor, article/interview requests, and letters to representatives/legislators.
  • Humane Pet Stores:  This campaign provides the steps and information necessary to start the process of establishing a ban of the retail sale of puppies in pet stores in towns/cities. The intention is not to encourage a pet store to close its doors, but instead the pet store would offer rescued dogs to public, thus they would not be supporting puppy mills.


– Number of Harley’s Heroes
– Representation with legislators
– Pet store retail bans
– Improved canine welfare reform