#LoveLikeHarley Rocks is about honoring the life and spirit of Harley – a tiny, senior, one-eyed puppy mill survivor who inspired worldwide puppy mill awareness through his indomitable spirit, forgiveness, and zest for life. It’s about using art to spread joy by painting rocks to hide worldwide. These rocks will be found by others, and in doing so, they will encourage #LoveLikeHarely puppy mill awareness!

Join the #LoveLikeHarley Rocks Facebook group here.

Here’s how it works:

If you find a #LoveLikeHarley rock, take a picture and share it with us here. You may either keep it or re-hide the rock!

If you want a rock you painted to get found (and hopefully posted to our special Facebook group), we suggest you write one of the following on your rock:

1. #LoveLikeHarley
2. #LLH
3. Love Like Harley
4. Love Like Harley Rocks!

Keep in mind that people of all ages will find these rocks and not everyone is on social media. While it is nice seeing rocks being posted when they are found, please do not be sad if your rocks do not all turn up in the feed. It’s important to trust they served their intended purpose and made someone smile or raised awareness about Harley and puppy mills. The joy is in painting the rock, knowing it will raise awareness or make someone smile. Seeing a post with it found is the icing on the cake!

Always consider the subject matter you choose since we never know who will find your treasure. We are all about spreading awareness and joy throughout the world, but please do so in a manner honoring “Love Like Harley”.

  • Most common materials used to paint the rocks include acrylic paints, paint pens, nail polish, sharpies, and glue and glitter. If using stickers, googly eyes, jewels, etc., make sure to use superglue so they will not fall off the rock.
  • It’s your choice if you would like to seal your artwork. Sometimes it takes a few coats. Many people use Mod Podge or a clear enamel or protective spray

Think about what #LoveLikeHarley means to you and perhaps some symbols that represent him. Heart, Sunflower, Rainbow, Paw Prints, the words Love, Peace, Joy, Rescue.

– Please be respectful of private property, especially people’s yards.
– DO NOT PLACE ROCKS INSIDE BUSINESSES unless you have permission, but feel free to place them around outside areas of businesses. Do not place rocks inside restaurants or grocery stores due to health codes.
– Parks and playgrounds are wonderful places to hide rocks.
– Lastly, please remember to be aware of the work maintenance crews need to do when placing rocks in landscaped areas.

Thank you for all of the smiles you all create as you raise puppy mill awareness in Harley’s honor. #LoveLikeHarley!

Join the #LoveLikeHarley Rocks Facebook group here.