Frankie Borrowed Harley’s Sweater

A few days ago we went for a drive up to our cabin and it was cold enough that Frankie needed to wear a sweater. At that point he didn’t have one of his own, so we let him borrow one of Harley’s. This particular sweater was handmade for Harley 3 years ago by his friend, Sue Repash.

Frankie seemed to enjoy the cool air and he explored for a brief couple minutes before we whisked him indoors to sit by the fire.

Please enjoy the photos below!

For those of you who have missed some of Frankie’s updates, his timeline can be viewed at this link:

Harley (2014) wearing his sweater which was made especially for him by his friend, Sue.

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  1. Frankie you are coming back to life that you so well deserve. I’m sure Harley was looking down from Rainbow Bridge with a happy heart seeing you in his sweater. 💜

  2. He is a very special soul. So glad he is doing better.
    Harley is ok with his sweater keeping Frankie warm!

  3. We gots to grow some hairs on that little backside….looks like the insulation needs reinforcement. Love that baby boy.

  4. Precious little FRANKIE ♥♥
    I just wanna’ hold him in my arms..

    I so hope he knows he’s loved…♥♥

  5. So cute. I know our Harley is with Frankie every step of the way 😇😇❤❤

  6. Frankie looks adorable in Harley’s sweater!! Senior dogs rock. I’m glad you are eating a bit better now precious one. I wish you the best Frankie!! You sure do deserve it!! Love to you Sweet boy!! ❤

  7. I can feel Haley looking down on Frankie and saying enjoy our sweater,with a smile.

  8. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Handsome!

    Such long legs you have Frankie and hey, you look terrific in that sweater it is your color.

    But you may want to put a little more muscle on those long legs.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. So happy to see Frankie out and about in Harley’s blue sweater. He seems to be making a lot of progress with all your care and love!

  10. We love your whole family and all that you do to help eliminate puppy mills and the horrible treatment all these dogs suffer.May Harley’s Dream live on and come true as soon as possible❤️Frankie you wear Harley’s sweater well and I’m sure he is looking down with pride and love on all of you!

  11. I knit sweaters I would love to knit one for Frankie. If you can send his measurements neck widest part of chest and length of back base of neck to end of back. Does he have a favorite colour.

  12. Thank you so much for all you are doing for this little one. You guys are true angels. The pictures are beautiful.

  13. I think Harley would be pleased that Frankie was keeping warm in his sweater…. <3

  14. Frankie is wearing something that was special to Harley, and he looks soooooooo good in it.

  15. Thanks for taking such good care of him – he has been through so much!

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