Harley’s Heroes at the Great American Teach-In

Anne and Kerri our Harley’s Heroes of Valrico, Florida recently educated children  about puppy mills during the Great American Teach-In!

“We were invited into an elementary school classroom to participate in the Great American Teach-In. We spoke to a very small class for approximately one hour. After our presentation, we distributed stickers, tattoos, flyers, goodie bags, and coloring pages. We were very well received, and hope to have this opportunity to participate in other classrooms/schools next year.” – Anne

Anne (left) and Kerri (right) are teaching children to “Adopt, Don’t Shop”.
Anne is unloading her car in preparation to educate children about puppy mills.
Anne telling the students about Hero Dog Harley!

You can become a Harley’s Hero too! Learn more here: www.harleysdream.org/harleys-heroes


  1. Dear Anne and Kerri, thank you both for going out and spreading the work about puppy mills! Harley must be wagging his tail like crazy with delight! It’s SO IMPORTANT to reach and teach young children that puppy mills are Wrong! “As the Bible says teach them up in the way they should go” If we get to them as children they will grow up knowing that puppy mills and any kind of animal abuse is Wrong! Thank you both again for your wonderful work.💗


  2. Fantastic!! I wish all schools would do that…..If this information gets to young minds now they will be so much less likely to buy a pet instead of rescuing or adopting when they get older! ❤ 🙂


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