NO Puppy Mill for Barrington, New York

A last-minute call to action was issued when it was learned that a commercial dog breeding facility (a puppy mill) would soon be opening in Barrington, New York. The proprietor of that business would be a man who was recently convicted of animal cruelty while operating a, now closed, puppy mill in Pennsylvania.

Susan with her Chihuahua, Lincoln

But…. dedicated dog lovers and advocates for puppy mill dogs made their voices heard! They immediately shared the story via social media, wrote letters and made phone calls. And among them is one person who worked tirelessly behind the scenes, Susan Chana Lask, animal rights attorney and New York state resident.

After all the opposition, the convicted animal abuser withdrew his application for a special use permit to operate the dog breeding facility in Barrington.

Susan had this to say, “For the past 3 days, non-stop, I wrote letters, investigated, worked with the Town of Barrington residents, the Department of Agriculture. Thank you to everyone for your support, too! This is a dream … and I am not finished shutting every one of them down!”





  1. Thank you Susan Chana Lask and all the volunteers. This was no easy task. Harley – from heaven – is surely pleased. His mission to close every last puppy mill is continuing!

    Nanny Baskin and Harry Young Westlake Village, CA

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  2. What good news, now we just have to get the rest of the states to do the same!

  3. The best news ever thank you Susan and everyone who worked so hard. Susan your little dog is so cute looks like my Granddog Roxy.

  4. Great news. Thanks to all who participated in closing down this puppy mill

  5. Wonderful news! One town at a time, one county at a time, one state at a time will be how puppy mills will be stopped!

  6. These soulless puppymillers need to be on a registry so that when they apply for permits…they’ll automatically be denied…. People shouldn’t have to search for them or worry that they’re sneaking in under the radar. Massive kudos to everyone who put forth effort to shut this one down!!

  7. Gtreat news Susan!! Thanks for not letting this place open up!! An animal abuser trying to set up shop in a new location!! How dare they!! Harley is smilling down upon us. This is a victory for those of us against puppy mills for sure. One at a time. B

  8. Thank you so much for shutting the puppy mill down and we have to make sure guys like him can never get a licence to open any puppy mills anywhere

  9. YES!! ALL towns, cities, and states need to follow suit. NO MORE PUPPY MILLS ANYWHERE EVER!!!

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