Teddy’s Opinion About Dog Auctions

Teddy has been to several dog auctions and he says it’s not a place he’d ever go back to! He prepared the following information for you to read:

“Dog auctions are common in the puppy mill industry. A dog auction is essentially the same as a livestock auction; it is simply limited to selling dogs as well as housing and breeding equipment. Dog auctions are held for several reasons. A commercial breeder may be going out of business and wants to sell all of his breeding stock, or a breeder may be interested in culling old breeding stock and purchasing younger, more fertile breeding dogs. New breeders may go to dog auctions to purchase their start-up breeding stock and equipment.

“Dog auctions usually have 100-450 dogs of all ages listed for sale. They are sold in an auction-style format, to the highest bidder. The dogs are cataloged before the sale by number and bidders may view the dogs before the sale starts. Once the sale begins, the viewing barn is closed and the dogs are brought out in groups of four and the bidding begins. The dogs are lined up on a table usually four at a time. The auctioneer starts the bidding, highlighting the ages of the dogs, if they are in heat or not, if they are proven breeders, good mothers, or if they produce large litters. The auctioneer will say anything to sell the dog for the highest price. The dogs are sold “as is” and most are sold with chronic untreated painful conditions such as ear infections, rotten teeth, urinary tract infections, sores on their feet, mastitis, and more.” – The Puppy Mill Project

This is my personal observation and opinion: In the past few years more and more rescue groups have begun attending these auctions in order to ‘save the dog’ or to ‘save their particular breed from life in a puppy mill’. Some raise huge amounts of money to go to the auction to buy the dogs. This topic has become very controversial and I would highly suggest reading Rescuers at Dog Auctions – Please Stop and also Dogs for Sale – The Business of Dog Auctions. There are thousands of wonderful people who just want to help save dogs and there are many ways to do this without supporting the purchasing at auctions. Buying dogs at these auctions truly perpetuates this miserable industry. Dog auctions exist because people buy puppies from pet stores and online.

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  1. I’ve always been aware of horrible puppy mills but just recently learned about dog auctions, they are just as horrible as puppy mills are! I’ve contacted our legislatures and city council members concerning puppy mills asking for laws to be introduced to shut them down and make pet stores only sell animals from adoption and rescue agencies. Iowa is 3rd in the nation for puppy mills, since I’ve lived in Iowa all of my life, I want changes to be made so we all can be proud of our state letting people know that our state believes in taking care of our animals and won’t put up with such torture!

  2. I recognize this picture, it’s Amish in PA….that is where my little Lizzy came from. They, as a people, have no respect for animals of any kind. Take the puppies up in boxes to the road and sell them as ‘accidents’, “we really didn’t mean for them to have puppies’ and sell them cheap. Everyone thinks they are wonderful people with their quilts and food and such. They are terrible…..

  3. The smell and sounds are something you won’t forget. I’d the dog isn’t sold it’s taken out back and if it’s lucky it’s shot. The Amish are the biggest contributors. I would like to see these banned in my lifetime.

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