Nothing but LOVE for Sammy, forevermore

Just before Christmas, by chance, I happened to run into the most wonderful couple. As often happens, our conversation turned to dogs. They told me about a very special little dog named Peanut whom they loved dearly, and who they lost suddenly a year earlier. It was clear he meant the world to them and that their hearts needed mending.

I mentioned we had recently rescued three shelter dogs and all would be needing forever homes. Amazingly, they already knew about them, but Sammy in particular – they had seen his photos on Harley’s Facebook page! We made plans to get together a couple days later so they could meet Sammy. I knew without a doubt … meeting them was no coincidence!

Sammy did, indeed, find his forever home with this doting couple and everything is absolutely perfect! Besides a mom and dad who cherish and love him immensely, Sammy also has three canine sisters (Molly, Penelope and Emma) who immediately accepted him into their pack.

Sammy’s mom, Connie, shared this message recently, “I am so grateful that there are wonderful people like Rudi and Dan whose love for animals brought the love and joy of sweet little Sammy into my life. I smile every time I think of him. He’s perfect!”

Connie, we are beyond grateful for wonderful people like you and Gus who cherish the seniors as much as we do. Thank you for loving Sammy and giving him a fabulous new life!

Follow Sammy’s journey from shelter to forever home at this link.


  1. The best news ever!!! So happy for Sammy, you and Dan and his new family!!! Happy New Year to all of you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🐾🐾🐾🐾

  2. So happy for Sammy! With this family he will receive the care and love he has always deserved!

  3. This just melts my heart! Have a Happy Forever, Sammy, and thanks to Sammy’s new family for loving him!

  4. What wonderful news for Sammy. May you have an amazing life little one.

  5. This is my cousin Connie and her husband Gus! Sammy has found himself a wonderful new home! He will be loved and spoiled! Love you Connie!

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