Fernando, Forever in our Hearts

From yesterday, Nov 30, 2017:

Hello everyone, I’m Rudi and Dan’s friend, Mary. They asked me to let you know that their beloved Fernando is at peace.  He gained his wings just a bit ago while wrapped in the love of his mom and dad. He was happy, but his brave little heart had given all it could.

Dan and Rudi are understandably devastated, so they will need time to grieve. Please hold them in your hearts and when they are ready, they will tell you more.

Fernando, you captured our hearts with your charming ways and your engaging smile. Thank you for brightening our days, and know that you are forever a part of us.

Run free, Nando. I’m sure you and Harley are getting acquainted now, and I have no doubt you are already the best of friends.


  1. I am so sorry, but I know that you loved him so much and that was wonderful for him.

  2. Rest in peace sweet Fernando. You are much loved and you spread so much love and information with your big heart.

  3. Little man, it was such an honor to know you, if only on Facebook. You left a big impression on my heart and your spirit and love of life will dwell there forever. You will be missed with love. Thank you for the little bit of time we had.

  4. Run free Fernando, you are so loved and we will miss you so much. Rudi ,Dan and family, sending hugs

  5. Fernando and the Taylors were both blessed when they found each other. Fernando only knew love the final years of his life and for that we are all thankful. May you romp in peace with your new buddy Harley!!!!

  6. So sorry! I will miss you, Fernando! Thank you Rudi and Dan for loving him so much and sharing him with the world.

  7. The gift you gave him was the most precious gift he could have ever received. Bless you both for the kindness and love you share with others.

  8. Poor Fernando. I am so glad he had, for however short, known love and happiness. He was my new favorite after Harley died. It really hurts.

  9. I am utterly heartbroken for Dan and Rudy…. But sweet Fernando knew so much love and happiness in his time with them…and he left in their loving arms…. Gentle Journey Fernando…. Harley will help you get the hang of those new wings…😢❤😢❤

  10. Though your time with us was short, you left memories we will all hold forever thanks to the posts mom and dad shared with us. You did not let your past life define who you were, but showed us all that love from caring humans can make a little dog blossom. We will all miss seeing your sweet face. Rest In Peace little Fernando, Harley will be waiting for you when your journey ends at the bridge.

  11. Rest in Peace Fernando🌈
    My heart breaks for you Rudi and Dan😰My heart aches though I know Harley and my angel Hammer were there to greet him as he crossed the rainbow bridge.💔☮🙏🏼

  12. I know your pain. When we take in these poor old beat-up, “throw away” dogs, part of the deal is to lovingly let them go. I’ve had to accept that I have the responsibility to take them to the end of life in love and kindness. Please know that he will remember his last few days and months were filled with fun, love, comfort and companionship.
    We give all we can and these special dogs come back as far as they can, given how they were treated. You are doing a wonderful thing taking these souls in. Letting go is part of our job and our dedication to each and every life. Keep going, push through and know they are always present cheering us on. Blessings my friend.

  13. Run free little Fernando. Go find Harley and we will take comfort knowing you are now free of your pain.

  14. So very sad… I had to say good-bye to my own senior rescue Darla in August and I am still actively grieving and missing her horribly. My heart is broken than Rudi and Dan have lost Fernando. It seems like only yesterday that we lost Harley. But they sure do give their pups all the love, care, coziness and adventure that they deserve before they depart. So so important given the rough start and neglect they suffered. Hugs.

  15. It is so heartbreaking to keep losing these babies. 💕💕💕 Fernando 💕💕💕

  16. So sad… Had to say good night to my own senior rescue pup Darla in August. I am still actively grieving and missing her so much. Hard to lose Fernando so soon. Feels like only yesterday we lost Harley. But the love and care Rudi and Dan gave this boy, and all their pups, is what is so joyous even in the sorrow now. That they crossed the rainbow bridge knowing love and comfort that hopefully erased the terrible neglect they suffered earlier. Hugs.

  17. So sorry to hear of Fernando’s passing, my thoughts and prayers are with Rudi and Dan. At least this little fellow found out what love is all about!

  18. Wishing them peace. He was a sweet little guy that got to spend the last part of his life with kind and loving people. I’m sure they were the best days of his little life. Pet owners are such special people. To love an animal like it was your own human child and then have to say goodbye to them in such a short time is such a painful and heart wrenching sacrifice. They make it even harder because they give so much to us for the time they are here on earth. I still miss my own sweet angel so much. With deepest sympathy Rudi, Dan, and family.

  19. I’m so, so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is losing a family member. When I read this this morning, I was in my dictor’s office waiting room; I had to leave because I was crying so hard. I’m crying now as I write this. I know Nando was loved and cherished by so many and will live in Rudi and Dan’s hearts forever. He is with Harley and Gwinnie now, running across the Rainbow Bridge to run and play and be healthy forever. It’s heartbreaking now, but think of the joy when we are all reunited with our loving fur babies. RIP little Nando, and know you will never be forgotten. ❤️🐾🐾💔😢

  20. Love and prayers from all of us in LaGrange GA!

  21. I can’t tell you how upset I was to hear this. He was such a happy little guy, our little Fernando. I know that he and Harley are together and having lots of fun. I feel for Dan and Rudi. They do a wonderful job. Sometimes the Lord has to do what He feels is best for our little furbabies. No more health problems for little Fernando…just like Harley. Praying for you in your grief.

  22. Fernando you were loved and will be missed…..You are healthy and can be with Harley now….Bless you little guy…

  23. I’m so sorry for your loss Rudi, Dan and family!! Fernando touched so many lives, short time you had him!! Thank you for rescuing him and giving him the best forever home he ever could of had the short time you had him, to him it was forever. Y’all gave him the best of the best life he ever had in the time you had him, he knew he was loved, he knew freedom, he got to socialize with his brothers and sisters, what more could a dog that came out of a puppy mill ask for!!! Praying for y’all!!! Lucky and I sure loved Fernando and Harley and now they can be the best of buds and run with complete freedom. We love you!! Tami and Lucky 💜

  24. My heart is so broken over the loss of Fernando! He was such a sweet boy! Rudi and Dan, you are precious jewels and love these little babies so much! I pray for peace and comfort for you and the family! I am always here for you! Love you all! ❤️

    Lisa Bracewell

  25. Oh sweet Fernando you will be missed I love you little fella now you are free free from all the pain and such things you can run free and play and be happy mommy and daddy will miss you little boy but they know that you are at peace and you’re up there and getting acquainted with Harley and Frosty and shady and little Bae Ziva and all the rest of the babies that gained their wings love you sweet puppy and I’m so happy that you have such a sweet loving Mommy and Daddy💋🐾🐾🐶

  26. *tears*
    Rest forever softly, sweet ‘NANDO..
    Love to dear Rudi and Dan..
    How cruel time can be..
    How deeply you are loved, precious FERNANDO..
    Run free with beloved HARLEY..
    Little angel boy ♥♥

  27. Sorry for your loss 😢😦. Prayers for both of you and the rest of the family. Thanks for taking him in when he was in need of a roof over his head. He had the strength to try and get better because of all the Love 😘 he was receiving. But God needed him for a more important job. He along with all the other fur babies are now in a better place and will be waiting for us when we cross that same bridge.Be happy to have had the opportunity to give him all the love , kisses, and hugs he desperately needed. God bless you n your household. He now occupies a place in our 💓.

  28. It takes very special people to open their hearts and homes to the seniors/special needs dogs. You know your time may be short, you know it will break your heart when they pass on, but you do it anyway, you do it for them. You give them love and comfort and security, and they give you back, in their brief stay with you, such intense feelings of love and gratefulness. Fernando’s days with you were, to him, the best days of his life. Such a great gift you give, Rudi and Dan, to these little broken angels. May you be comforted when you think of the look in his eyes when he gazed at you with such love.

  29. Joey and I are so sorry to hear about Fernando! He was such a sweet, loving little boy! Both of you are in our hearts ans prayers. We love you too!

  30. My thoughts and prayers are with Rudi and Dan on their loss of Fernando💔We loved him in the time we knew him and we know Harley greeted him with an open heart.They are brothers together and will be there to greet their family when that time comes.Fly high Fernando and RIP.

    • So terribly sorry for your loss of precious Fernando. I know he and Harley are romping the heaven’s fields with no more pain and I also believe that you will find another fur baby that needs your special love and care. God Bless.

  31. So sorry Rudi & Dan for the loss of darling Fernando. Run free Fernando for you know you have lots of love to help you through and every now & then send a sign to Rudi & Dan to let them know you are alright. God Bless.

    • Oh I am so sorry to heat about the passing of Fernando. Poor Rudi & Dan. Sending them both my love & Prayers.

  32. Nando, glad you are running free with Harley. You were such a blessing to us on Facebook. God bless you Dan and Rudi for opening your hearts to these precious little ones with so many problems.

  33. very sad that little Fernando has passed – it’s been a very sad year

  34. RIP Fernando sweet angel so sorry to Dan n Rudi. My prayers to both of you. 🙏🙏 🐶🐾🐶🐾💙💙💙

  35. RIP my dearest friend Run free now in the Rainbow Bridge I gonna miss you pics that your mum and dad sent me on email.
    Love you guys.😢😘💝

  36. I am heartbroken. Run free Fernando with Harley and all the others at the Rainbow fields. Thank you Dan and Rudi for giving him so much love and sharing him with us.

  37. Being loved is freedom. Sweet dreams Fernando. You’re always in our memories.

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