Dear Puppy Mill Breeders … A Letter from Harley

Harley first posted this letter 2 years ago. Everything about Harley was peaceful and positive, it still is. Harley didn’t want the puppy mill breeders to suffer, he only wanted them to stop breeding dogs.

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  1. I love this! I have shared it on social media and emailed it to all my friends!

  2. I agree with Harley, puppy mill owners should spend at least a week living like a dog from a puppy mill lives, maybe then they’d realize the horrible way these poor animals live, sometimes for years. Since Iowa is second in the nation for puppy mills, I’m trying to get our legislators to outlaw all puppy mills and punish the people that run them. People that abuse children and animals are pure EVIL!

  3. God bless Harley and his dream to end puppy mills and God bless Rudi and Dan who continue his dream and who gave Harley a loving and happy forever home so he knew how special he was and how life could be filled with love and joy.

  4. Politicians at every level who vote against outlawing puppy mills should have to spend a day in a cage, in a puppy mill….. then come back and justify how they vote against ending those houses of horror.

  5. we have made some strides this year and a few set backs – Harley you can rest assured we will keep up the fight – bless you

  6. Puppy Mills MUST END Permanently!! They Are Cruel And Inhumane. Dogs Are Meant To Be Our Companions, And Part Of Our Family, NOT Money Making “Objects”!!! The Horrors That These Precious Babies Endure Is SO WRONG. Harley Was Lucky To Have Found A Loving Family, But He NEVER Should Have Gone Through All Of The Pain That He Did In The Puppy Mill, As NO Dog Should. ~ STOP ALL PUPPY MILLS!!! ~

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