$500 Raised for Hurricane Pet Support

Sherri Franklin, founder of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, with Ida Mae, a senior she rescued after Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of Texas.

A donation of $500 was sent to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue from Harley’s Dream toward the care of dogs they rescued after Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of Texas.

Sherri Franklin, founder of Muttville, traveled to Texas and brought 17 senior dogs home with her. 14 have heartworm and are currently undergoing treatment, Sherri says the donation will be used toward their medical expenses.

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue is located in San Francisco, CA where they reach out to senior and special needs rescue dogs; they find suitable homes for those dogs that are adoptable, and offer end of life care for those that are not. Read more about them and see their adoptable dogs on their website: www.muttville.org

The $500 donation was raised through our recent Harley’s Dream Auction – Bidding for Change. A special selection of jewelry was created specifically to raise money for our Hurricane Pet Support Fund.

The jewelry was custom created and generously donated by employees at Happy Mango Beads especially for the auction. We are sincerely grateful to Kelly, Suzanne, Jennifer & Rachel at Happy Mango Beads! And an extra special THANK YOU to everyone who generously bid on the beautiful jewelry during the auction … thank you for helping Muttville’s newest rescues!

Several pieces of the jewelry is pictured below, plus you can see more at this link.

You can visit Happy Mango Beads: www.happymangobeads.com

This picture shows several of the items which were created specifically to raise money for the Harley’s Dream Hurricane Pet Support Fund.

Pictured below is Sally, a Chihuahua-mix, one of the dogs Muttville rescued from Texas. Sally is as sweet as can be and would love a home of her own. Learn more about her by reading her profile here.


  1. great to hear that #HarleysDream auction was able to donate to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue to help hurricane Harvey’s pet victims.

  2. What a wonderful thing to do for all the animals in need after the storm .❤🌻 #Harleys Dream

  3. Harley must be so proud of all the good work you do in his name…. <3 <3 <3 You guys are truly 'awesome' in every sense of the word…..

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