California “Puppy Mill Bill” is now a STATE LAW!

Today Governor Brown signed AB 485 into California State Law and we are ecstatic! California is now the first state in the USA to require that all cats, dogs, and rabbits sold in stores come from rescue organizations, not commercial breeding facilities (aka puppy mills).

Thank you to everyone nationwide who wrote letters, emailed, called and lobbied to help make this bill pass! A special thank you to Judie Mancuso and Social Compassion in Legislation for authoring this bill, and to Assemblymembers Patrick O’Donnell and Matt Dababneh for introducing the bill and for being its champions.

#HarleysDream #HarleysDreamKeeper #ENDpuppymills


  1. Yeah! Congratulations on a successful outcome from much hard work. Onward…

  2. I’m so proud of my state. Let’s lead the way for all the rest and make it NOW!!!

  3. this is wonderful – a great start – I did email the president as well

  4. California has always been a leader! Hopefully the rest of the states will follow!

  5. Thank you California!! Now the rest of the states need to follow their example! Since Iowa is 2nd in the nation for puppy mills I going to make it my mission to get our legislators on tract with California and close all puppy mills!

  6. I love this! Thank you Governor Brown for doing the right thing. Hopefully all the other states will follow you and ban all puppy mills Across the Nation. So many dogs cats rabbits and other animals will be saved from brutal daily torture and cruelty.

  7. Congratulations California! It is so exciting and hopeful to see such hard work to make this bill pass! We’re hoping that the government in Australia can one day do the same! All these dogs being exploited and forced to breed over and over again, until their death, need our help! One of the first things people should know to do is to stay away from pet stores! Where do you think the pets from pet stores come from? PUPPY MILLS OFCOURSE! It’s absolutely disgusting how their ‘stock’ is continually being ‘replenished’ by dogs who are locked up, forced to churn out puppies for profit!


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