1. Dearest Rudi and Dan,
    I volunteered at NMDR 3 years ago and couldnt wait to meet my idols Theresa Strader, Harley and Teddy. It just so happened Harley was on tour. I was heartbroken but I said to Theresa everything happens for a reason, I guess I will have to come back next year. I never made it back. As you know there is no pain worse than losing a child, and Harley was as much your child as any of your other children. Cherish every moment, and don’t wait for another time to hold them, another time might not be there. Regret is a painful thing to live with. Thank you for sharing your child with the world. We love you so very much.

    Lucy (my puppy mill baby)
    Vivy (my pug with a purpose)

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