Too Happy to be Sad

The purpose of this photo was to create impact, which it did, but the first time it was posted it brought a lot of negative comments. The truth is, it wasn’t easy to get this photo because Harley was TOO HAPPY, he wouldn’t quit wagging his tail and we kept saying to him, “Harley, can’t you look more sad?!”

Harley in cage with awards


  1. And to think Harley could still show so much joy after the 10 years of agony he was put through. He had wonderful parents who showed him the happiness for 5 years that he was denied . Rest softly sweet Harley.

  2. Glad you shared again. I’m always trying to
    walk the line between posting pictures that
    are real, but so upsetting that they turn people
    off and not posting enough. Must make the
    potential buyers understand why we have to
    shut down the mills!

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  3. Harley was not afraid. Mom & Dad were there to keep him safe. #HarleysDream

  4. #HarleysDream ♥

    Run free, precious Harley..
    You are so loved ♥

  5. Such a character! No wonder we all have such a crush on this little boy! So glad you’re still spreading the word about the horrors of puppy mills. It’s not easy without him, but your little “spokesdog” sure provides the motivation! 😊

  6. Harley, I miss you so much. Your voice will continue to be heard loud and strong. Can’t wait for the day when your dream becomes a reality. Run free, little man!

  7. Yes, when I first saw this picture, the first few seconds caught me being really upset that he would be in this cage and then it quickly passed and I smiled for what this pic really meant. I love you Harley. #HarleysDream. 💞

  8. There was such a wonderful, grand personality in such a tiny body. It keeps ob going

  9. Any negative comment is totally missing the point and everything that Harley — and you! — stood for. Thanks for keeping the message ALIVE!

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