Colorado Residents!

We need your help! HB20-1084, known as “The Humane Pet Act”, was officially introduced as a bill in Colorado by State Representative Monica Duran and championed by First Gentleman Marlon Reis. It is currently in the House Rural Affairs & Agriculture Committee. This legislation is aimed at fighting the puppy mill industry and will strengthen current dog and cat breeder laws, improving the lives of thousands of animals in Colorado (and ending the puppy mill pipeline into CO).

The key elements of the bill are:

· Prohibiting pet stores from selling dogs and cats – responsible breeders do not sell their dogs to pet stores;

· Limiting the number of adult breeding dogs and cats that a breeder can have;

· Prohibiting wire flooring and the stacking of cages;

· Requiring screenings and veterinary approval before breeding;

· Mandating that breeders make a good faith effort to rehome dogs they no longer wish to breed, rather than euthanizing them;

· Requiring daily exercise for dogs in breeding facilities; and

· Limiting how often a dog or cat may be bred to once a year and six times in their lifetime – puppy mill operators often breed their dogs excessively.

The first hearing will be on Monday, February 3, at 1:30pm in the House Rural Affairs & Agriculture Committee. It needs to pass this committee before it can move forward to the full House, so it’s important for our voices to be heard!

Colorado Residents – Please send a respectful email to these committee members asking them to vote “YES” on HB20-1084.

Chair Dylan Roberts

Vice Chair Donald Valdez

Representative Jeni Arndt

Representative Bri Buentello

Representative Marc Catlin

Representative Richard Holtorf

Representative Julie McCluskie

Representative Rod Pelton

Representative Brianna Titone

Representative Perry Will

Representative Mary Young


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