Worlds Cutest Famous Chihuahua – Miss Pickles

We are proud of our little Miss Pickles who was “crowned” just yesterday by Famous Chihuahua as the Worlds Cutest Famous Chihuahua! Miss Pickles wins a $250 shopping spree from Famous Chihuahua, a custom-created Famous Chihuahua t-shirt, and their book best-selling ebook, Caring for Chihuahuas Made Easy! Miss Pickles plans to use her win to promote Harley’s House of Dreams, a program which rescues one senior Chihuahua at a time – of which she was the inspiration behind! We are grateful to Famous Chihuahua for their support in spreading Harley’s message about puppy mills.

Miss Pickles provided the following statement – “Thank you to everyone who voted for me! Senior Chihuahuas don’t usually get much attention, so at 14-years-old, I’m very honored. This is the only time I’ve ever won anything and I feel super special! Honestly though, I’m just an old girl with a pretty polka-dotted dress. Two of the other finalists in the contest are my friends, Tango and Camie, I didn’t even realize we were competing against one another, but they are supportive of me – so me and mom are gonna do something special for them. “

Miss Pickles’ friends, Tango (left) and Camie (right)


  1. Heartfelt congratulations from all of us up here in Canada to lovely Miss Pickles. xoxoxoxox

  2. Congratulations, Miss Pickles! I can certainly see why you won……you are just beautiful! And all the best to Tango and Cammie! Happy Shopping dear little girl! <3 <3 <3

  3. .. precious..
    I remember voting for you..
    sweet little lady..

    beautiful MISS PICKLES
    ♥♥.. well deserved..

  4. Congratulations

  5. Congratulations Miss Pickles! I am so happy that you won and you are a wonderful ambassador for the cause. I wish you many more years of happiness. Love to your friends Tango and Camie. They are special too!

  6. You are truly a Taylor Miss Pickles – we love your cute little face

  7. I knew little Miss Pickles would be the winner, she is totally the cutest, so adorable. Congratulations to Miss Pickles!

  8. Congrats!! On winning the contest Miss Pickles!! You are so beautiful!! Hope you find more pretty dresses.

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