Harley’s House of Dreams – Meet Frankie

There will soon be a new resident at Harley’s House of Dreams.  This Saturday evening, Frankie, a tiny 12-year-old Chihuahua will be arriving from South Carolina after ending up in a shelter there, in terribly poor condition. After an initial veterinary assessment, it is determined that Frankie’s health is very poor and he will need immediate attention by our veterinary team. Please, we ask for your support in helping this precious little dog have a second chance at life.

Ever since Harley passed in March 2016, we have dreamed of establishing “Harley’s House of Dreams” to honor him by rescuing one senior dog at a time. Frankie will be the first, and we are excited to have the opportunity to provide him with whatever medical help he requires and shower him with love in the meantime, then find him a wonderful forever home where he will be cherished beyond measure.






  1. How wonderful for precious little FRANKIE..
    Angel Harley watches over him..
    as do all that believe in Harley’s Dream..
    Please count me as one of the “Dream Keepers”..

    I will donate in the morning

  2. Donated. $100. You guys use where you see fit, but little Frankie who is coming to you soon….Oh my heart.

  3. You guys are wonderful and Frankie, you are a gorgeous wee man, love from the Highlands of Scotland xx

  4. Frankie is adorable and coming to the right place to know love and get better..

  5. Frankie is absolutely precious and I believe Harley would be so proud of you for continuing ‘his’ work…. <3

  6. So glad to hear of Harley’s House of Hope. It is like a dream come true to me. When I lost my beloved Herbie 2 years ago I started fostering and in my mind I called it Herbie’s House of Hope. Your new senior looks like such a deserving little guy. Wish I lived closer but I will donate . Thanks for all you do

  7. Great to hear about Harley’s House of Hope – Frankie will make a great addition to your pack –

  8. Frankie is so adorable, I’m so glad that he will be at “Harley’s House of Hope” and receive the care and love he deserves!

  9. I’m confused. I read the intro about Harley & then suddenly, his story went from, “Harley will be joining us soon”, straight to Harley passing away March of 2016. But I see comments from people in 2017 speaking of him as though he was still alive. This story is very confusing!!

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