Hope’s Journey

Mar 12, 2019

Good news! Hope ate and drank and is now sleeping like a baby! Tomorrow she will have a complete veterinary assessment and we’re praying that nothing too serious is wrong. Please continue keeping Hope in your prayers, we’re positive they are helping. Thank you so much for caring about this little girl.

Mar 12, 2019

Hope survived 7 days in a cold, noisy and very scary shelter in Los Angeles. She’s about 12-years-old, terribly underweight and not healthy. But MOST IMPORTANT – she is now safe and sound in the home of our awesome volunteer America. These pictures were taken by America after pulling Hope (on behalf of Harley’s House of Hope) and she told me Hope kissed her and licked her fingers after leaving the shelter. This makes my heart so happy! America (and her mom Maria) are angels and I am so grateful for the love and care they give the dogs we rescue. Hope is in the best hands! #FosteringSavesLives

Mar 12, 2019

By the time you read this post, little 12-year-old Hope will be SAFE in the arms of our wonderful Los Angeles-based volunteer, America. We’ll have pictures and an update later.

PS: This picture is of Hope in her cage at the shelter. NEVER AGAIN will she be caged.

Mar 9, 2019

We named her “Hope” because hope is the power to believe anything is possible. This tiny 3lb girl is suffering right now in a Los Angles shelter and, though we have a signed agreement that she will be released to Harley’s Dream, the shelter won’t let us pick her up until Tuesday evening. She’s sick, scared, underweight, and likely blind – our concern is if she’ll even make it until Tuesday. Our hearts ache for her. Please keep Hope in your thoughts and prayers – she deserves a second chance and we want to give her that. If everything goes as planned, little Hope will soon be safe in loving arms and receiving much-needed medical care.

It’s YOUR support and donations that make it possible for us to save this precious little girl’s life. Please consider making a small donation to our Harley’s House of Hope fund to help with Hope’s upcoming medical care.

We’ll update you again once Hope is safe. Thank you so much for supporting our Harley’s House of Hope program.