Puppies aren’t Presents

The holiday season has arrived and Harley’s Dream has a message for those considering buying a puppy as a gift …. PLEASE DON’T.

The sad reality is that pet store puppies come from puppy mills; breeding facilities that treat puppies as cash crops instead of living, feeling animals. Puppy mills have horrendous standards of care for the mother dogs and producing sick animals prone to illness, injury, genetic and behavioral problems.

No matter how cute that puppy in the window is, you do not want to support puppy mills this holiday season. In fact, you really don’t want to patronize the pet stores that sell puppies at all.

People considering buying a dog this holiday season can avoid supporting puppy mills by rescuing a companion from a rescue or shelter instead. This holiday season, please always remember that a puppy is a lifetime companion and commitment, not a cute gift in a store window.

What can you do to help Harley’s Dream for the Holidays come true?

* Don’t support pet stores that sell puppies. There are many wonderful pet supply stores you should shop at instead – those who support rescue/shelter dogs. By refusing to purchase anything at stores or online outlets that sell live animals, we can help shut down puppy mills for good. And that’s the greatest holiday gift of all, for dogs and all of us who truly love them.
* Send out Harley’s Dream Holiday Cards with a purpose – take this small opportunity to spread the word.
* Gift Harley’s Dream items to raise awareness – check out the Stocking Stuffers section of our online store. All proceeds support puppy mill awareness.
* Purchase or gift Harley’s & Teddy’s calendar to spread awareness year-round.

By taking these steps through the holidays, you can help shut down puppy mills for good – the greatest gift of all!

Puppies aren’t Presents. They are a LIFETIME COMMITMENT!