Awareness Kits for Educators

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’d like to encourage you to join the ‘Love Like Harley’ movement. Harley lived for 10 years in a puppy mill cage and lost his eye to a power washer. Once freed, he lived with purpose to change the lives of puppy mill dogs, but he did so with compassion, love, and forgiveness.

In Harley’s memory, we move forward to raise awareness about puppy mills, educate the public, and advocate for change …  in the spirit of Love Like Harley!

We are thrilled to offer ‘Love like Harley’ Children’s Awareness Kits to elementary school educators throughout the US. These awareness kits are free of charge. They are filled with child-appropriate information, giveaways, worksheet activities and resources to be used in conjunction with Valentine’s Day (or really at any time of the year). We suggest collaborating with other educators to take full use of the bulk quantities.

What is included in the ‘Love like Harley’ kit?

  • 100 – Rubber Bracelets
  • 100 – Temporary Tattoos
  • 100 – Stickers
  • 100 – Leaflets
  • Worksheets (master copies for duplication)
      • Coloring Pages – 2 designs
      • Mazes – 2 levels
      • Word Scramble
      • Word Search
  • For the educator’s reference
      • Who is Harley brochure (4)
      • Pet Store Puppies brochure (4)
      • What is a Puppy Mill brochure (4)

    We’re sorry but we have no more “Love Like Harley” awareness kits available.

    We will be offering superhero-themed awareness kits in late March (free to educators). If you’re interested, please send an email to and we will contact you when they are available.

    We’re excited about this opportunity to educate children about the welfare of our canine friends in a positive, fun and creative manner. Thank you!

    To help us develop and provide even more puppy mill educational campaigns like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Harley’s Dream.