Love Like Harley

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’d like to encourage you to join the ‘Love Like Harley’ movement. Harley lived for 10 years in a puppy mill cage and lost his eye in a cruel manner. Once freed, he lived with purpose to change the lives of puppy mill dogs, but he did so with compassion, forgiveness, and lots of love.

In Harley’s memory, we move forward to raise awareness about puppy mills, educate the public, and advocate for change …  in the spirit of Love Like Harley!

Products designed to help spread the word and spark conversation!
T-shirts, tank tops, bracelets, flyers, stickers, tattoos, and more. Shop for Love Like Harley merchandise in our online store.

Valentine Cards
Send a Valentine card with a message! You’ll find Valentine cards for all ages in our online store.

Children’s Activities
Download, print, and distribute FREE “Love Like Harley” children’s activity sheets. Included are: coloring sheets, mazes, word search and word scramble.

Send a Letter to your Legislator
We prepared a sample letter you can copy/paste to send to your legislators. You’ll find the letter here:

Love Like Harley Rocks
#LoveLikeHarley ROCKS is about using art to spread joy by painting rocks to hide worldwide. These rocks will be found by others, and in doing so, they will encourage “Love Like Harley” puppy mill awareness!
Learn more:
Get creative and join our Facebook group here: