Life is Short – Make a Splash! That’s what Harley did.

We just entered Harley’s Dream in its first contest as a nonprofit organization and we’re really excited because the prize is for $10,000! Can you imagine how far that much money would go toward puppy mill awareness?

Actually this particular contest has a rather poignant name … Life is Short – Make a Splash. And Harley’s legacy is certainly making a splash! The contest is generously sponsored by Pet Paradise Resort and Day Spa and they say they “just want to make a difference this summer.”

For Harley to win this contest it will take the effort of a lot of people voting every single day for the entire month of June. Please, can Harley have your vote? Please vote here:

If you would like a daily reminder to vote, please join the Vote for Harley group on facebook.

As always, thank you so much for caring about Harley and helping make his dream come true.