Henry’s Journey


Henry is home and he couldn’t be happier! CONGRATULATIONS to Henry’s new family: Eiko, Shinji, Clyde, Blue and Charo!

Mar 21, 2019

Henry’s final veterinary appointment (before adoption) went well and now he’s officially ready to go to his forever home … that will happen early next week. Soooo exciting!!!! He’s pictured here with Dr. Stafford of Berthoud Animal Hospital – we love her!

Mar 18, 2019

Even though Henry has been approved for his forever home, he still had a couple more vet appointments lined up, and his last one is today. We’re hoping that by early next week he can finally head home!

Mar 2, 2019

Yum, yum, yum! Isn’t it a great feeling when everybody is eating?

Feb 20, 2019

These photos were taken this morning, just before Henry’s dental. Henry loved Dr. Sitzman and we love him, too! Henry lost 13 teeth plus 2 roots were removed. He’s doing great and couldn’t wait to get home to eat a little supper!

Feb 20, 2019

Henry is currently at Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists with Dr. Sitzman for his dental. We’re sure he’ll do well, but any time an older dog goes under anesthesia, it’s worrisome. Please keep Henry in your thoughts and prayers today.

Once all his medical issues are tended to, Henry will be ready to move on to his forever home … and he’s VERY EXCITED about that!

It was your donations that made it possible for us to save this sweet old guy from being euthanized in the shelter. YOU gave him a second chance and for that, we are forever grateful.

Feb 19, 2019

Henry had a visit with Dr. Heaney of Petcardia Veterinary Cardiology today and we’re happy to report that his heart is in pretty good condition for an old guy! He has a couple leaky valves, but nothing so serious that it requires medication.

Feb 15, 2019

Eiko fell in love with Henry the moment she met him … and this picture was taken at that very moment! GREAT NEWS!!! Eiko and her husband Shinji (and their furry kids, Clyde, Charo & Blu) will soon become Henry’s FOREVER FAMILY!!!

And to think … just over a month ago, Henry was to be euthanized in the shelter because he’s a senior with poor eyesight and hearing. But thanks to YOUR support and donations, we were able to save this precious boy who has the sweetest soul … and from now on his life will be nothing but wonderful. He could not ask for a better home, and we are thrilled for Henry, Eiko and Shinji!

Feb 13, 2019

After bath itchies!

Feb 12, 2019

We love this boy!

Feb 11, 2019

Henry with Dan – who happens to be wearing his “adopt a dog” t-shirt!

Feb 10, 2019

Just over a month ago we pulled Henry from a shelter in Los Angeles where he was listed to be euthanized. Of course, we couldn’t let that happen! So anyway, he spent his first couple weeks with our wonderful Los Angeles-based volunteer, America, then the next few weeks with our Tucson-based volunteer, Elena …. and NOW he is with us (Dan & Rudi), and tomorrow Henry will be heading home to Colorado with us. What an extraordinary little old guy he is!

Jan 30, 2019

On January 4th we saved 9-year-old Henry from being euthanized in a Los Angeles shelter. Our volunteer, America, nursed him through a terrible upper respiratory infection before we transported him to Tucson, where he is now being fostered by Elena. In about a week Dan and I will bring Henry to Colorado where he will see the eye specialist and receive other medical care. But for now, Henry is doing great and really enjoying his second chance at life!

These pictures were taken just yesterday. Since Henry can’t see well and might run into a cactus, he was safely in his pen while his foster-mom did some yard work … and foster-brother Decker was keeping him company!

An extra special THANK YOU to America and Elena! FOSTERING SAVES LIVES!

Jan 31, 2019

After rescuing him from being euthanized in a Los Angeles shelter almost one month ago, we FINALLY met Henry! What a sweet little guy! In about a week, once we’re finished working in Tucson, we’ll bring Henry home to Colorado where we’ll provide him additional veterinary care and then we’ll find him the perfect forever home!

Jan 20, 2019

Henry’s first day in his foster home in Tucson went well … read the update (written by Henry himself): “I’m settling into my new place —yesterday was a really busy day! I’ve come a long way from the mean streets of Los Angeles! In between going outside to potty, and exploring inside and out, I’m power-napping in the softest bed … thank you everyone! Like Teddy says, ‘Life is GOOD!’”

Jan 19, 2019

QUICK UPDATE! Henry is now safely in Tucson with his new foster-mom Elena (and foster-brother Decker, pictured here) and he’s very inquisitive and happy! A HUGE thank you to Pilots N Paws volunteer Eric and his wife Agnes for flying Henry to Tucson today. We’ll provide a more detailed update tomorrow.

Jan 19, 2019

America holding Henry with pilot, Wayne

Saying goodbye to Henry was bittersweet for his foster-mom, America, but she instantly knew he would be in good hands once she met Pilots N Paws volunteer pilot, Wayne, at the Pomona, CA airport yesterday morning. America told us that Wayne and his co-pilot Bill were “such kind gentlemen, they love dogs, and they were so happy to meet Henry.” We’re especially grateful to Wayne for generously donating his time, skills (and airplane!) to transport Henry. Once they arrived in Yuma, Arizona, Henry was met by his overnight-foster parents, Carolyn and Brian … of course, they already love him to pieces! The pictures below tell the story.

Today Henry will fly to Tucson with Pilots N Paws volunteer Eric and his wife Agnes. Stay tuned…

America holding Henry with co-pilot, Bill
America and Henry
America holding Henry with co-pilot, Bill
Wayne, America, Bill and Henry
Flight map
View from the air
Henry with his overnight foster-parents, Carolyn and Brian

Jan 18, 2019

Pictured here with Henry is America Palma’s mom, Maria. She helps America care for the dogs we rescue from the Los Angeles shelters and she is absolutely wonderful! This morning Maria and America will have to say goodbye to Henry (he’ll be traveling to Arizona) and I know it will break their hearts. They love him, as they’ve loved the others they have fostered. But they also realize that it’s necessary to let go in order to save more. Last night America said to me, “We love dogs and that is the reality Rudi, and will fall in love of each one we rescue.”

Today Henry will fly to Yuma, AZ where a friend will keep him overnight and then tomorrow he will fly to Tucson where Elena Willets will keep him until Dan and I travel down to AZ early in February (when we will bring him home to Colorado). Normally we wouldn’t shuffle a dog around quite this much, but Henry is doing well and he’ll be in the loving hands of angels throughout the journey. We’ll keep you all updated!

Jan 16, 2019

Henry will be making his way from Los Angeles to Tucson on Friday (thanks to Pilots N Paws) and then he’ll be temporarily fostered by Harley’s Dream board member, Elena Willets, until we can bring him up to Colorado.

A special thanks to Henry’s current foster-mom America Palma for these pictures and especially for taking such wonderful care of little Henry.

Jan 12, 2019

A week ago we saved 9-year-old Henry from being euthanized in a Los Angeles shelter. Our volunteer, America, has been fostering the little guy for us until we can bring him to Colorado. Henry has been sick with an upper respiratory infection and we’ve been worried sick about him … but today Henry is doing so much better! Such a relief!

In the next week we hope to transport Henry to Tucson where he will be temporarily fostered by Harley’s Dream volunteer (and board member!) Elena. From there we will bring Henry to Colorado. It’s always an orchestration rescuing dogs from out of state … but well worth the effort!

It probably seems we’re always asking for donations and we apologize for that, but the fact is – we need donations to cover the medical expenses of the dogs we rescue. Henry’s first veterinary bill was nearly $600. If you’re able to help, please click here to donate: http://weblink.donorperfect.com/harleyshouseofhope

PS: An extra special THANK YOU to America for caring for Henry during the past week and making good decisions (even when it felt scary). America is absolutely amazing, she’s an angel!

Jan 7, 2019

This is Henry’s 3rd day of freedom and as you can see he is enjoying a little time outdoors at his foster-mom America’s house in Los Angeles. He’s doing well! It’s so hard to believe that this precious little guy was to be euthanized in the shelter. He has nuclear sclerosis (not uncommon in an older dog) and it seems that his hearing isn’t so good (also not uncommon). He had tapeworms and possibly external parasites but in a few days he will have another, more extensive veterinary exam. For now, all is well. He’s a sweet and very lucky little guy!

Jan 6, 2019

First day of FREEDOM!

Yesterday our volunteer (and Harley’s Hero) America Palma, pulled Henry from a shelter in Los Angeles on behalf of Harley’s Dream. This little 9-year-old terrier/chihuahua mix was on the list to be euthanized and we just couldn’t let that happen. America said he’s absolutely precious! He does have some health concerns which will be addressed immediately. We’ll update you soon. Meanwhile, here are a few of Henry’s first freedom pictures!

An extra special thank you to America for her tremendous help in rescuing Henry. She always goes the extra mile and we don’t know what we would do without her!

Jan 5, 2019

Henry is SAFE!! We’ll have an update tomorrow.

Jan 4, 2019

Henry will be SAFE SOON!

We discovered this little 9-year-old terrier/chihuahua mix at a shelter in Los Angeles. He was scheduled to be euthanized. Today our representative/volunteer will pull him on behalf of Harley’s Dream … and soon he will be safe. We gave him the name of “Henry”. We’ll update you later!

Meanwhile, please keep your fingers (and paws) crossed that everything goes as planned.