Gwinnie’s Journey

June 17, 2019

Today Gwinnie was spayed and had several teeth removed during her dental. She did really well under anesthesia. Her bloodwork shows she has an elevated glucose level and we’ll be monitoring that. She also has a grade 2 heart murmur so she will see the cardiologist for an echocardiogram soon. Dr. Henry believes she is only about 5 years old!
I took this picture about an hour ago and, even though Gwinnie is still pretty sedate, she was wagging her little tail. She is such a sweetheart!


June 17, 2019

This morning Gwinnie will be spayed and have a dental. We know she’ll do well, but whenever a dog undergoes anesthesia it’s always a little worrisome, so please keep Gwinnie in your thoughts and prayers.

June 10, 2019

Gwinnie, the happiest dog in the world!!

June 10, 2019

I took this photo yesterday evening after Annie and Gwinnie arrived at our house – and, as you can see, they were quickly adjusting to life at Harley’s House of Dreams!

Today Annie had spay surgery and a dental where she lost nine teeth. She did great and this evening she is bright eyed and hungry. Gwinnie’s surgery will be a week from today, but she doesn’t mind waiting!

June 9, 2019

Annie and Gwinnie have arrived in Denver! WOO HOO!! We are so happy to hold these precious little girls in our arms. We cannot thank the amazing transport volunteers of Many Paws In Need Of Transport enough. Pictured here with us is Barbara, she drove 350 miles today to bring Annie and Gwinnie from Glenwood Springs to Denver … WOW!!!

Currently, we are on our way home to Berthoud where the girls will get to romp in the grass and settle in at Harley’s House of Dreams.

June 9, 2019

Annie and Gwinnie had a nice ride from Salina, Utah to Glenwood Springs, Colorado this morning – THANKS to Irene and Chris!! (Love your shirt, Irene!)

Soon they will be met by Barbara who will drive them the rest of the way to Denver where Dan and I will finally get to meet them!

June 8, 2019

THANK YOU to Jeannine of Fullmer Menagerie Animal Rescue in Salina, Utah for giving our 2 little shelter dogs, Gwinnie and Annie, a comfortable and loving place to stay for the night as they travel from Los Angeles to Colorado. By tomorrow evening they will be with us at “Harley’s House of Dreams”.

Pictured here is Gwinnie. It’s hard to believe this precious little girl was to be euthanized in a shelter just two weeks ago. Thank you to everyone whose support and donations made it possible for us to give Gwinnie a second chance.

June 8, 2019

THANK YOU to this wonderful mother/daughter team, Jenn and Ellen for transporting Annie & Gwinnie on the first leg of their journey from Los Angeles to Colorado! They are amazing!!

June 8, 2019

I mention our Los Angeles-based foster mom America in many of my posts, but pictured here is Maria (America’s mom) who is equally as AMAZING! The 2 of them live together and Maria cares for the dogs throughout the day while America is at work. She is absolutely wonderful and without her help, we couldn’t save as many precious lives as we do. We are so grateful for Maria!

She is pictured here (this morning) with Gwinnie and Annie just before they left on the transport – heading to Colorado.

June 8, 2019

This morning America and Maria are preparing to say a bittersweet goodbye to Gwinnie and Annie as they begin their journey from Los Angeles to Colorado. Gwinnie and Annie will be with us at “Harley’s House of Dreams” by tomorrow evening … we are so excited!!

June 5, 2019

In just a few days, Gwinnie (and Annie) will travel to Colorado to “Harley’s House of Dreams” – we are sooooo excited to meet them! We’re so grateful to their amazing Los Angeles-based foster mom, America, for caring for these two little girls during the past couple weeks and to Vet Villa for providing them medical care so they would be healthy enough to travel … and especially to YOU, our supporters, for your generous donations that made it possible to save Gwinnie and Annie from being euthanized in the shelter. Thank you so very much!

June 2, 2019

Gwinnie has an unusual way of putting herself to sleep! Thanks to her foster-mom, America, for making this little video for us.

June 1, 2019

Little Miss Gwinnie … enjoying the sweet smell of freedom!

Her foster-mom, America, says she is doing really well. The medicine she’s taking for the flea allergy is helping and her hair is even starting to grow back in already. Both Gwinnie and Annie will travel to Colorado in a week! We are so excited to meet them and welcome them to Harley’s House of Dreams!

May 29, 2019

This photo is of Gwinnie being turned over to “Harley’s House of Dreams” by the shelter staff (just one week ago) in Los Angeles. This scared yet beautiful little girl was listed to be euthanized but thanks to YOUR support, we were able to save her.

May 26, 2019

A quick update on Gwinnie! Her foster-mom America says she is doing so much better since starting on the medication yesterday. She slept through the night without scratching (that’s a big deal) and she is eating and drinking and we are so relieved!

PS: America took this sweet photo of Gwinnie yesterday during her vet appointment.

May 25, 2019

Gwinnie saw the doctor today at Vet Villa in Pasadena, CA. Our immediate concern is that she has intense itching. It was determined that she likely has a flea allergy so she is being treated for that and hopefully over the next few days we’ll see a lot of relief. In this video you can see the hair loss across her back, bottom and tail. Poor little girl!

May 23, 2019

Gwinnie was soooo happy to leave the shelter!!

May 22, 2019

Welcome to freedom, Gwinnie!!! She is now safe in the arms of our “Harley’s House of Dreams” volunteer, America. We are so grateful to America for her dedication to helping us save Gwinnie – and so many other precious souls from Los Angeles shelters.

May 21, 2019

Gwinnie will be safe soon!

We already named her “Gwinnie” but she’s on the euthanize list in a Los Angeles shelter. We have confirmation that they will release her to us (Harley’s Dream) but she won’t be safe until she leaves the shelter with our representative, America. Tomorrow evening is the soonest they will release her. Please keep this precious little girl in your thoughts and prayers. We will keep you updated.

It’s YOUR support and donations that are making it possible for us to save this precious little girl’s life.  Thank you so much for helping us give Gwinnie a second chance!