Billy’s Journey

The hardest part of being a dog rescuer is having to say no. I’m struggling right now. This 7lb chihuahua-cross “Billy” is at the same shelter as Sammy (the dog we pulled last night)… and tomorrow his time is up. X-rays show he has a fractured left hip joint and luxated SI joints. He must be pulled from the San Jose shelter by an approved rescue. With the recent rescue of Otis, Sunflower, and Sammy and upcoming care for Sunflower & Sammy, our Harley’s House of Hope fund is depleted.

As I type this… we made the decision, we’re going to save him!!!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to our amazing San Jose Harley’s Dream representative Darci Anne for literally jumping to help rescue Billy (she’s on her way right now!!) and for saving Sammy last night. We are forever grateful! And a special thank you to the San Jose Animal Advocates who work tirelessly trying to find homes for the animals in their area shelters.

It’s YOUR donations that make it possible for us to save dogs like Billy. Please consider making a small donation to our Harley’s House of Hope fund if you’re able.

“Saving one dog will not save the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”