Charlotte will soon be available for adoption!

Charlotte is an 8-year-old Pekingese/Japanese Chin/mix. She is high energy and would do best in an active home (perhaps with children). She loves to run and play!

Charlotte has become quite comfortable in her foster home and enjoys perching on the couch and watching whatever is (or isn’t) going on around her. Today she got a new sweater from her foster mom, who tells us that she got pretty excited when she realized it was for her! She stood on her hind legs and eagerly stuck her nose through the neck opening. We’re pretty sure this sweet girl was pampered in her former home!

She still has a ways to go to heal from her skin condition, so she requires a bit of extra care right now. She’s on a special diet and receives thyroid meds, supplements, and specialized treatments and baths to assist her healing. She has a mammary mass that will be removed soon, and she will have a dental as well. Overall, though, Charlotte’s a happy and active girl who loves her toys and being pampered!

Charlotte isn’t quite ready for adoption yet, unless it’s to someone local (Colorado Front Range-area) who has the experience, time and patience to continue her healing regimen and help us follow up with her veterinary team. She will require specialized care for the near term, but once she gets over this bump in the road, we believe she will be set up for a long and healthy life afterwards.

Adoption information can be found at this link.