Approach a Pet Supply Store


To secure an in-store location for a Harley’s Dream education/awareness table at a pet supply store.


Spend time as a customer ensuring:
• They don’t sell dogs/cats
• There is adequate space for an awareness table
• There’s enough customer traffic

Work with your Harley’s Heroes team members to identify:
• How frequently you would like to and be able to man an awareness table at the location
• Potential day(s) of the week and times that could work


Review Harley’s Dream Elevator Pitch information
Review information on all Harley’s Dream rack cards


Create your pitch based on your knowledge and research.
Gather the materials you will use and distribute during your meeting such as awareness cards, rack cards, etc.


Ask to speak to the store manager


Explain who you are and what Harley’s Dream is.

A sample pitch: “My name is {Sue}. I’m a volunteer Harley’s Hero with a non-profit organization called Harley’s Dream whose mission is to educate the public about the cruel realities of the puppy mill industry. In honor of a little dog named Harley, we set-up educational tables in businesses like yours across the country to raise awareness about puppy mills in a family-friendly, professional, and non-graphic manner. Here’s a sample of the literature we distribute. I’m a customer of your wonderful store and know that you and your customers not only support pet adoptions, you are also concerned about canine welfare issues.”

Explain that the table would be solely for awareness/education and presented in a family-friendly, non-confrontational, and non-graphic manner, educating about puppy mills and promoting adoption. Show materials to be distributed.

Make Commitment

If an agreement is reached, determine an action plan and next steps.
Exchange contact information. Complete the Harley’s Heroes Upcoming Event Submission Form.

Meet Commitments

If you have committed to dates/times, be sure to meet them. Work with your Harley’s Heroes team to develop a plan. Communicate with your store contact if there are any challenges or changes.


Set up a professional display
Stay in touch with store staff / adjust accordingly
Estimate the # of people you talk to
Take photos


After each event, ensure you leave the area as you found it.


Be sure to thank the store contact and any employees you interact with.

Post-Event Form

Complete and submit the Harley’s Heroes post-event submission form.

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