Thousands Expected at Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Raising awareness about this important canine welfare issue, the Puppy Mill Awareness Day festival expects to draw thousands of guests to Berthoud, CO from around the state and across the country. This dog-friendly, family event hosted by Harley’s Dream, will feature food trucks, music, vendors, a doggie flea market, contests, and a Blessing of the Animals. Guest speakers will include Berthoud Mayor Will Karspeck who will Proclaim September 10th, 2022 as Puppy Mill Awareness Day in the town of Berthoud.

The Puppy Mill Experience is a unique self-guided walk-through Live Tour which will provide an eye-opening and hands-on learning opportunity about the hidden world of the puppy mill industry. Using videos, photos, data, artifacts, and stories, visitors will walk away from The Puppy Mill Experience with an understanding about a variety of puppy mill awareness topics.

The festival will take place in Fickel Park, downtown Berthoud, from 11 am until 5 pm. Guest speakers will include Berthoud Mayor Will Karspeck who will Proclaim September 10th, 2022 as Puppy Mill Awareness Day in the town of Berthoud.

The event is presented by Petcardia Veterinary Cardiology and Bill Lewis ALC, Realtor, C3 Real Estate Solutions, and is supported by many others, including Berthoud Animal Hospital, NomNomNow, and Duty Free Pets. The “Puppy Mill Experience” is being presented by Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists. The sponsors and worldwide support of Harley’s Dream help make this great event possible.

The festival is being hosted by Colorado-based nonprofit organization, Harley’s Dream, which was established in 2016 to create awareness and educate the public about the commercial dog breeding industry, also known as puppy mills. This event was created in honor of Harley, a tiny Chihuahua who was known as the “Little Dog with a Big Dream.” Harley’s life was truly a rags to riches story. After spending 10 years in a small cage, he was freed and found a loving home where he began his triumphant journey. Harley’s efforts as a ‘spokes-dog’ against puppy mills earned him the top honor as American Humane’s “Hero Dog of the Year.” Harley had been on The Today Show, HuffpostLIVE, Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family Show and numerous news segments. He also had the opportunity to testify during a congressional caucus on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Sadly, Harley passed away in 2016, but his legacy lives on. He inspired so many people to do great things, and he continues to be the voice for the hundreds of thousands of dogs suffering in puppy mills today.

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  1. I loved Harley since he was a contestant and won the 2015 ASPCA dog of the year. I voted daily even getting out of bed to vote if I forgot earlier in the day. Then I got attached to Teddy. I love your online yearly auctions. I have bought from your site two different coffee containers. Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of putting it on my car roof and driving off and it falling off and getting crushed. I would love it if you brought them back so I could get a couple more for myself and one for everyone at work. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring them back. I have Harley shirts, vests, hats, I give out Harley lollipops and tattoo stickers on Halloween and also drop them off at my dog groomers to dispense, alone with Harley Cards. My car has over 50 animal support stickers on it and people take pictures of it when they see it. I wish I could come to Colorado but unfortunately its too far from my home. Good luck.

  2. Had the best time – even learned a few things – brought some donations – helped with set up and volunteered on Saturday as well – miss my Colorado and rescue friends – met so many new people as well – if you can make it next year, please do so – these little pups are relying on us to make the rest of their lives loved and special

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