Princess Ava Bisou – Harley’s K9 Hero

Which Harley’s Hero team are you involved with?

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Tell us a little about your background? (breed, age, siblings, are you a rescue dog/puppy mill survivor?)
I am
I, Princess Ava Bisou am a 7 yr old, female, long-haired Chihuahua that indeed, is a puppy mill survivor. In fact, it was Harley’s Dad that spotted me, crouched in the back of a dirty cage. After my rescue, I was fostered by Harley, Dan, Rudi & their pack until my Mommy adopted me & flew to CO (from Michigan) to get me.
I had 😢 a wonderful senior sister & brother when I got to Michigan. My rockstar sister was Mia Bryant Bedard. She was the inspiration for “Senior Sunday’s”, the pink Muffin’s Halo for Blind Dogs and a true advocate for senior pets. She taught me the ropes at my forever home. J.Harley Michael was an awesome & loving big brother. They both went to the Rainbow Bridge. Now I have a Japanese Chin brother named Monsieur (Mr King) Koshi & a 19 lb feline brother named Neikko. They are both rescues too!
Why did you become a Harley’s K9 Hero?

Well, first of all, I’m no “hero”, I’m just a very lucky little gal with the vision of a world without puppy mills. Being a puppy mill survivor myself, and then being fostered by Harley and his family, it only came natural. However my mommy decided that we would be we would be very active so that my time spent in that horrible puppy mill would not be in vain. I want to educate as many people as possible, so I can be part of the solution of ending the horrific puppy mill industry!
What are your favorite Harley’s Heroes events to work at and why?

I truly enjoy all of them! I have participated in protest of pet stores, been to our state capital to fight to misleading bills that were brought by the puppy mill and pet store industry, spoken at City Council meetings to ban pet stores from selling companion animals, been interviewed on tv, attended pet expos, community expos, women’s monthly gatherings, Meet & Greets all over the country, Veteran’s homes, hospitals & nursing facilities. I’m VERY excited to say that I’ve had two educational billboards on a major highway. All are very important and I enjoyed each of them. But I guess my very favorite type of event is really not an “event” at all, it’s talking to people on a daily basis (EVERY SINGLE DAY) about the horrible realities of puppy mills, and the deception of pet stores that sell puppy mill puppies.

What is your job during an event and what do you like most about it?

My job during event depends on what type of event it is. However at most all types of events include me meeting people and letting them hold me, showing them my splayed feet and explaining what splaying is & how it happens and asking people to try to imagine me filthy dirty, scared and trapped in a wire cage, who’s sole purpose is to breed puppies that will be trucked across the country and sold in Pet stores. What I like most about my job is showing people the meaning of “resiliency” and if I can can learn to be a dog (after all I’ve been through) they too can overcome their past and be what they were truly meant to be!

What motivates, inspires you in the fight against puppy mills? Do you have a hero of your own?
What motivates, inspires me to fight against puppy mills is the fact that I was born in one! I AM a puppy mill survivor. Knowing that there are dogs still being held hostage in breeding facilities motivates me to be part of the change; to continue to educate people and be part of the solution. YES, I DO have a hero. My hero(s) are the people who try their hardest to educate others about puppy mills, the people who work in rescue, the people who are keyboard warriors on social media that share my posts & my story, the people that give whatever time, energy, physical, financial and emotional support they can, to help wage a war against puppy mills!

Do you have a message  for the breeding dogs still living in puppy mills?

YES! My message for the breeding dogs still living in puppy mill is “don’t give up, dreams DO come true!” I am living proof! I also want them to know that as long as I am alive, I will continually be an advocate for them, a voice for them, and fight as hard as I can against puppy mills for them!
Tell us about your human!

My human is my Mommy. (Although I dearly love my Daddy, my GiGi & my G-Pawl!) My Mommy is the single most important thing in my life. She is the Mommy I always dreamed about. Her name is “Mommy”, I don’t know why, but some people call her “Sonnie”. She does everything humanly possible to keep me healthy, happy & safe so I can continue my mission of ending puppy mills. Because of my puppy mill background, she also works very hard, every day to help be learn to be a dog. She is an avid animal lover, a fun loving human that reads & sings to me and dances with me and gives me the opportunity to experience soooo many cool & interesting things. She is a loyal human being, dedicated to her family and she is a fierce advocate against puppy mills; yet she educates wisely & kindly. She is the best Mommy for me and I am so thankful that my foster parents chose her to be my forever Mommy.
What’s the craziest thing your human does with you?

Well, some people think it’s crazy that she dresses me in clothing. However, I don’t think it’s crazy at all. I actually pick out the outfit I want to wear every day! A Princess needs to be well mannered AND well dressed! I LOVE my pretty dresses & outfits! With that being said, I guess the craziest thing she does (but I’m glad she does it) is take me in the thing called a “shower” with her. That’s how I get clean fur. She doesn’t take me every time she goes in, only about every 2-2 1/2 weeks. But, she holds me and it’s not scary like getting a bath is.

When you’re not busy being a Harley’s K9 Hero, what’s your favorite pastime? Favorite treats?

My very favorite thing is to be in my Mommy’s arms or in her lap! I feel so safe & secure. She tells me over & over again that as long as she lives, I will NEVER be hungry or cold or too hot or scared again & she will NEVER EVER let anyone hurt or mistreat me again! And you know what?… I believe her!
My favorite treats are freeze-dried duck pieces, WATERMELON 🍉, cantaloupe, popcorn 🍿cheese 🧀 and duck flavored pill pockets!
Tell us something both serious and silly about you!

Hhmmmm…. something serious… don’t tell anyone; it has to be our secret;…I am still am afraid of a LOT of things. I know I have come a LONG way since getting out of the puppy mill, but my Mommy works with me every day to help me continue to learn to be a dog, umm, I mean Princess! Oh, and NOOOOO ONE can get in or near my canopy bed, except Mommy. If they even look at it, I start pitching a fit!
Something silly- heck that’s easy! I do lots of silly things, but because I am so very mannerly in public, most people would be surprised to know I AM the boss of all critters in our house. What I say goes! I can make Koshi jump to attention on a dime and send Neikko running for the hills w/ just one bark! You know, a Princess must maintain her authority! Oh, and I know how to (and frequently do) give “High fives” and “pray”
Do you have any nicknames?

Bisou Bisou
Peanut Girl
Weasel Weasel
Pretty Girl
However, ONLY my Mommy can call me these nicknames (except Bisou, Bisou- sometimes Daddy calls me that too!)

Can you offer any words of advice for dogs that would like to become a Harley’s K9 Hero?

It’s an awful lot of time & energy, IF you really want to be effective. However, it is very rewarding to know you are helping to make the world a better place.
Will you be attending Hops & Harley? Tell us what you look forward to most about this event?

Sadly, I am not But, I sure hope to attend one day!! What I look forward to the most is seeing my foster parents, Dan & Rudi Taylor & their pack and getting the chance to meet so many of my Facebook friends in person!

Do you have a Facebook page? Instagram, Twitter, etc? (provide links)

Twitter- @PrincessAvaBiso

Instagram -PrincessAvaBisou

Do you have your own tagline and/or favorite quote?

“Angels On Your Pillow” and “Education Is Key”


  1. I absolutely love your story and send you all my love from Canada darling Princess Ava Bisou. xoxo <3

  2. I have been following you on twitter quite a bit (no I am not a stalker) I also follow your FB – I really appreciate your opening up and sharing the bits others don’t know about rescue pups – all 4 of ours are rescues – 2 of which (Miss Hazel and Miss Aspen) are also adopted from Harley’s House of Dreams – which are really a reality

    • thank you. I have 4 rescue dogs and one cat presently. We had 6dogs/2cats last year but our dear Molly, adopted in 1998 and buster, found in 2015 and Sissy adopted 2009 died in 2021, Tess, is our long haired chihuahua we adopted in 2018. We were her third home! I have been following Harley since he won the 2015 Hero dog of the year award. I voted for him every day! Unfortunately, I live in Delaware so I am too far to go see Harley’s dogs. We have included Harley’s Dream in our will and they deserve it and so much more. We usually donate to all our animal charities on Double Giving Tuesday in November. We save all year so the doubling amounts. Thanks so much for loving animals. I always said God made a mistake making Adam and Eve. He should have made a Harley and Molly instead.

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