Harley’s Dream Thanks YOU!

Dear Friend,

This Thanksgiving Day we want to take this time to express our gratitude to you. We appreciate your faith and trust in Harley’s mission. We’re honored that Harley’s Dream is an organization you choose to be a part of.

Our 5 years as a nonprofit have been amazing and we owe that to YOU. It’s your generous support and contributions that have allowed us to impact MILLIONS of people through our Awareness, Education and Advocacy programs, and we’ve made a heartwarming difference for hundreds of dogs in need through our Rescue program.

Like you, we believe in a world where dogs don’t live in cages. We believe they deserve more than to spend their lives supplying puppies to pet stores and for online sales. We believe a large percentage of dogs that land in shelters across the country are a direct or indirect result of the cruel puppy mill industry. And we believe all these dogs deserve to know freedom and comfort and love.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Dan & Rudi
Founders, Harley’s Dream


  1. It’s an honor and a pleasure to participate in Harley’s Dream – happy thanksgiving from Miss Aspen, Hazel, camilla and lonnie jo

  2. Just wish I could donate more but am out there every day preaching no more puppy mills adopt don’t shop

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