Take a Bite out of Puppy Mills

Harley’s Dream is excited to launch “Take a Bite out of Puppy Mills” our fall awareness initiative with the goal of educating children worldwide in a fun, non-graphic, yet impactful fashion. This project is designed to raise awareness about the puppy mill issue in a light-hearted and engaging way, yet with clearly outlined actions that can be taken to “take a bite” out of this industry.

Halloween is a great opportunity to educate both young and old in a unique way. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to “start” the puppy mill conversation. The reality is that children often play a major part in the decision to add a dog to the family. So with that in mind this Halloween, don’t just hand out boring candy. You can help spread awareness in a fun, child-friendly way. Take the opportunity to educate children by distributing stickers, lollipops, bookmarks, rubber bracelets, temporary tattoos and awareness mini-flyers!  Click here to see our “Take a Bite out of Puppy Mills” collection: www.harleys-dream.myshopify.com/collections/take-a-bite-out-of-puppy-mills

Purchase a “Take a Bite out of Puppy Mills” t-shirt or hoodie and spread the message about puppy mills everywhere you go! Create your own Halloween costume with our Vampire Teddy mask. Click here to see our t-shirts, hoodies and other merchandise: www.harleys-dream.myshopify.com/collections/take-a-bite-out-of-puppy-mills

Download and print our coloring pages and activity sheets to pass out during Halloween-themed events (or give to trick-or-treaters) to help spread the message about puppy mills. You’ll find them by clicking here. Hosting a Halloween event? Check out our “Take a Bite out of Puppy Mills” garland at this link.

Puppy mills only exist to supply the pet stores and online sale sites. If people didn’t buy, there would be no demand and puppy mills would END! It’s really that simple!

How can YOU take a bite out of puppy mills?

  • Never buy a puppy from a pet store.
  • Never buy a puppy from a website (unless you can personally visit and meet the puppy’s mom)
  • Never buy a puppy from a flea market
  • Adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue
  • Support your local shelter or rescue
  • Volunteer at your local shelter or rescue

About This Campaign’s Goals:
It is estimated that 80% of all Americans own at least one dog.  We believe that if all these people knew the truth about puppy mills, puppy mills would no longer exist.

Children have a significant influence in the decision to add a dog to their families.  The puppy mill issue is challenging to appropriately convey to children.  The reality of the puppy mill situation and where pet store puppies come from is gritty, difficult to understand, and in many cases graphic.

We believe that there are appropriate ways to educate children about the issues and that if children understood how to make simple yet humane choices, the puppy mill industry would be impacted.  They are our future decision-makers and consumers, after all.  Fewer dogs would be impulse-purchased from a pet store (or over the internet) and children would understand that there are better, more humane choices for how to add a dog to their family.

About Teddy (the vampire):
Teddy, a puppy mill survivor and spokes-dog against puppy mills, was the inspiration behind our Halloween-themed awareness campaign. Because of health concerns, Teddy had to visit his doctor (aka “the bloodsucker”) for a series of blood tests and one day he decided to wear his vampire costume to an appointment … and the idea was born! 0



  1. Special Teddy! I’m sorry I can’t buy anything right now. Jasper has diabetes and I’m tapped out on money now. I can share.

  2. so excited for the new items, of course, I have placed my order and shared to FB and twitter – this is one of my favorite campaigns

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