I’ll Love You Forever, Harley

I know it’s just another day, but somehow I can’t help but relive the grief and the hopelessness I felt when Harley left us 4 years ago. I want to remember but I also want to forget.

I know that many of you understand the pain and sadness of losing a special dog. I know I’m not alone. We all remember them on the anniversaries and there is no way to escape the heartache. I try hard to remember the happy things … the things that make me smile … the things that remind me how lucky I was to be the mom to such a special little dog.

I’ll love you forever, Harley. ❤️


    • Harley is running in the heavenly meadows with St.Francis, patron saint of the animals. There are always a lot of other animals to play with and Harley is really happy. If you picture him there, you will notice that he hasn’t forgotten you. You have a very special place in his little heart.

  1. Many hugs to you and Dan,Such a special little guy,the loss rolled through the harley family ,but he lives on in many hearts.

  2. So so sorry. We all miss him. I still miss all of mine and it never gets better.

  3. I never met Harley but I am so sad he has left us on this Earth .He is in our hearts all the time..It is hard to live with so much grief but we rescue another soul to help us make it another day…Please keep posting his cute face. ..We all love him..!!!!!

  4. I miss him so much…….
    My baby Skyler Blue also went to Heaven, 2/22/19
    I’ve lost many furbabies….
    But Skyler’s passing has shattered my heart..💔

  5. Harley, have lotsa fun jumping over rainbows n chasing butterflies w/My ANGELS <3

  6. Dear Harley,
    I’ve never got to meet you but I will love you and I will keep my promise to help get your word out about ending puppy mills

  7. I too never got to meet Harley – we were getting ready to go to our first Hops & Harley when Harley passed away – we still continued to Berthoud that June and participated in Harley’s celebration of life – where we met Rudi and Dan, Michele and Teddy and so many new friends that are now old friends – It means so much to me to be a #Harley’s Hero

  8. I cried so hard when I read about Harley dying. I never met Harley but I felt I knew him through your writings. I miss him as much as I miss my own doggies.

  9. It is always so hard to lose our fur babies, Harley was so unique, no one could help but love that cute little fellow. Harley’s House of Hope is such a wonderful tribute to Harley and all who are involved in saving our senior dogs and the ones who need medical attention. All of our lives are so much better for having Harley and what he has meant to ridding our world of puppy mills. Harley has taken a piece of all our hearts and will always be our hero. Prayers to Rudi and Dan for all they do and have done since this little dog entered their lives!

  10. ❤️❤️
    ..forever in my heart..
    precious HARLEY..

    ..you will always be the reason
    I started rescuing senior dogs..
    ..little angel boy..

    you lit up the world when you walked here..
    ..and inspired hope..
    you still do..

    I love you..
    ..what a bright *star* you are..
    and eternally will be..

  11. Friday was such a sad anniversary. I lost my beloved Hammer four years ago this April, so I truly empathize with you.
    I was so touched to receive a thank you charm from Harley’s Dream/Hope on this sad anniversary. It really brightened my day, especially given this uncertain climate we’re enduring now. Thank YOU for your continued work to save these precious little lives. And thank you for the thank you LOL I’ll continue to do my little part. And thank you for sharing the wonderful photos and updates. Keeps my mind off other things❤️

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