Millie’s Story

Millie’s Story

As he drove down a busy street, Sam noticed a small scruffy dog dodging traffic. Stopping quickly, and with the help of another good Samaritan, he was able to scoop the little dog into the safety of his arms before tragedy could strike.

As required by law, Sam contacted animal control to try to find the little dog’s owners, and he also contacted us. Country regulations require a 72-hour hold before a dog can be turned over to rescue. So we all waited … but provided initial veterinary care in the meantime, as the precious little girl showed obvious signs of illness and severe neglect.

Sam’s wife, Linda, chose the name “Millie” and they offered to foster her. It soon became clear that Millie had been a breeding dog who was dumped when she was no longer useful. Extremely sick with a mouth full of loose teeth and rot, she also had 2 chains of mammary tumors and lab work that was troubling. The doctors agreed that the best thing we could do for Millie was to take care of her mouth and, if she was doing well under anesthesia, also remove the tumors. With that plan in place, she underwent surgery which was successful. Millie was recovering nicely and painlessly.

Unfortunately, follow-up blood work showed little improvement and cytology results showed that her mammary cancer was extremely aggressive. And then Millie stopped eating, no matter what we tried or how hard we encouraged her. We knew we had to make the difficult decision to let her go, as it was the only kind thing to do for her after a life of suffering.

Sam and Linda were deeply affected by their time with Millie, even though it was far too short. This dear little dog would spend her evenings sleeping on Sam’s chest and Linda loved caring for her. During the week that Millie was with me for her vetting and surgery, Sam and Linda checked on her regularly and even stopped by to visit. They clearly adored her, and it was obvious by the way Millie would stare into Sam’s eyes that she knew he was her rescuer … and she was grateful.

But there is more. These wonderful people were grieving a previous loss. Millie provided them a distraction … and perhaps a different way to look at life and death. Sometimes we are allowed to hold something for only a short time – but the love is immeasurable and forever, and always a part of us. And we wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Sam and Linda, thank you for saving this precious soul and for giving her such a loving final chapter. And thank you to everyone, whose support and donations allowed us to help give Millie the care and kindness she so deserved.

“Saving one dog will not save the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”



  1. Thank you for all that you did for Millie and all the other doggies.

  2. Thank you for saving Millie and showing her so
    much love and kindness while she was with you.
    I only wish you could have had more time together, but at least she had a lovely home rather than walking the streets. She knew you loved her and she loved you too. She looked such a sweet dog, a real cutie. I’m pleased you had time together and she left this world knowing what it was like to be really loved and made to feel special.
    Thank you for caring and for everything people did for Millie.
    RIP Millie. We all love you. XX

  3. Thank you for your kindness in saving this sweet little dog. It is very sad that you didn’t get to spend more time together, but at least she got to know what it was like to be really loved and made to feel so special in a loving home. At least she wasn’t walking the streets all of her life.
    Millie looked so sweet and a real cutie, she must have been so happy in her new home receiving love and giving her love back in return.
    Thank you to everybody that helped in Millies recovery, to all of you who did so much for her.
    Most of all thank you to Sam & Linda who showered her with love and affection until she passed away.
    RIP Millie. We will all love you forever.

  4. So sorry I have accidentally entered two comments.
    I thought the first one had been lost in the system, so completed another and now you have two.
    My sincere apologies.
    God bless Millie.

  5. So sorry to hear about the loss of Millie! At least during her last days she received the care and love she always deserved!

  6. Thank you for saving Millie and doing all you could. You gave love and touch and kind to a lost soul.

  7. Thank you for saving Millie and giving her love and kindness in her final days. She was sooooooooooo cute. I hate puppy mills and humans who exploit animals.

  8. Harley I’ve been a strong believer in adoption for many years and I have 3 adopted pets of my own and it’s true for the one pet it does change their whole world, and I thank you and teddy for always keeping the word out there and I promise to always help with keeping your your dreams alive

  9. Heart breaking! God Bless them for giving her all the love possible, while she was with them.

  10. Heartbreaking but uplifting at the same time….Millie knew love and comfort at the end of her life, she left without fear or pain…. and that is what she carried with her when she crossed the bridge.

  11. Millie knew and gave love at a time when others were hurting – thank you to HarleysDream for making this happen.

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