Maine Takes A Stance Against Puppy Mills

Harley’s Dream is the state of Maine’s Dream, too!

Congratulations to Maine for being the third state to pass a law that will prohibit the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores. The new bill takes a strong stance against puppy mills by preventing any future pet stores from selling puppies and kittens, but it doesn’t impact the 3 stores that are currently selling pets in the state. Our hope is that those pet stores will consider converting to a humane business model in the future.

We know that many individuals and groups worked hard to make this happen. We’re especially proud that Harley’s Dream was able to be a part of helping to pass this important law by educating the state’s leaders about the pet store/puppy mill connection.

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  1. Congratulations Maine! I pray that some day there will be no more puppy mills!

  2. Yay – I shared the post from facebook – one by one we are winning

  3. Well done for getting this new through! I congratulate all of you that have fought for this to happen. What I can’t believe is the legislation was passed to stop puppies and kittens being sold in pet stores – yet there are still 3 stores selling them in the state. Those stores should have followed the new law that was passed and put an immediate stop to their sales of these poor animals. They should have set an example and stopped the sale in line with the law. I pray they will come to their senses very soon and this ridiculous practice will soon be a thing of the past and just a bad memory. Bless Harley & Teddy. Thank you for giving them a better happier life. Thanks to you all for your hard work and dedication. X

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