Fly with the Angels, Hannah

Today our beautiful Hannah earned her wings.

When we rescued Hannah from being euthanized in the Las Vegas shelter, we only knew that one of her eyes was bulging, likely from glaucoma, and needed to be removed immediately. Our wonderful Vegas-based rescue friends wasted no time in pulling this suffering little girl from the shelter on behalf of Harley’s Dream. They helped her get immediate relief and the medical attention she so desperately needed. After surgery, they lovingly cared for her until she was healthy enough to come to Colorado, to Harley’s House of Dreams.

Toward the end of October, this precious little Pekingese girl was finally well enough to be transported to Colorado. She spent two months receiving loving care in a foster home, during which time she had numerous veterinary visits, including a neurologist and two different eye specialists. She also received chiropractic care, acupuncture, and we even tried a holistic approach … all in an effort to understand and treat her neurological condition as well as manage issues with her remaining eye.

Hannah was happy and content and she loved being held, petted and brushed. She was as sweet as she was beautiful, and she seemed so appreciative that she got a second chance. She settled easily into her forever-foster home just after Christmas, and clearly adored them.

Unfortunately, her neurological issues were too great to overcome and she began having seizures a couple days ago, which quickly increased in severity. All attempts to help her failed. She was confused and suffering.

We promise each and every dog who passes through our doors that we will do everything we can to give them a better life. We promise them that we will never let them suffer, and when they decide they are ready to cross the rainbow bridge we will help them do that … cradled in the arms of love.

Our hearts are broken … we dearly loved this precious little girl and so hoped that her time with us would be longer. But it was not to be, no matter how much we loved her or how hard we and her doctors tried to help her.

We truly believe that everything happens for a reason. We are still trying to understand those reasons, and the lessons we are to learn from them … but we have no regrets. All of us who spent time with Hannah are so much richer for having known her. She was full of love, with the sweetest spirit … a very special soul. We are grateful that she was a part of us, however briefly. She took large pieces of our hearts with her as she journeyed home.

Fly with the angels, Hannah. Your suffering is over and we know you are in a joyful place now. We hope you felt the love from so many around the world, and especially from all of us who cared for you these last 3 months. We love you beyond words, and you are forever etched in our hearts. 


  1. Safe journey, sweet Hannah. The angels are waiting for you. How wonderful that while you were here in this world, you were loved as you always deserved to be. No one can ask for more than that.

  2. God Bless you Sweet Hannah. You will Never be forgotten and you will be forever missed. My prayers are with your family. Love you always, sweet baby.

  3. Aww Sweet Hannah you were Loved. Your Life Mattered to many people. I’m happy you found a family before you went to Rainbow Bridge. 💔😥🌈🐾

  4. Thank you for doing all that you did for Hannah. She is in a better place without the suffering.

  5. Every living creature’s death hurts me, especially our dogs. Little Hannah was one of the Lucky ones to find love after finding herself in a shelter. Thank you to everyone who helped her and loved her. The circle of life is so bittersweet. Chase butterflies forever darling Hannah 🦋🌈🐾💓 xxx

  6. Fly free Darling Hannah and know in your heart you were and are very much loved. The Angels there at the Rainbow Bridge will take wonderful care of you and give you lots of love and playtime. God Bless You little darling.

  7. So sorry for your loss of this precious girl but so glad she had known love

  8. Thank you God for people like the Taylor’s & their network of wonderful rescuers, volunteers, drivers, people who donate and foster. You all have my utmost respect and love. Thank you all seems so meaningless, but you all are in my prayers. 🙏🏻❤️🐾🐾

  9. I am thankful she was saved, got wonderful care and knew love. Our dog had similar neurological issues at the very end which led to terrible seizures from which there was no recovery, so I fully understand the decision to let her go. We all know about Hannah and we will carry her with us in our hearts thanks fo you.

  10. Hannah was so precious, she deserved all the care and love you provided. Hannah is a little angel now, healthy and happy running over meadows with Harley and Teddy. Rest in Peace sweet girl!

  11. ..
    ♥♥.. heart is truly broken too..
    that precious HANNAH had to fly so soon.. the *stars*.. only solace? ..
    she is with HARLEY + TEDDY..
    ..and all the angel dogs..

    ..for some reason..
    she touched me to my core..

    ..thank you all who cared for her..
    and loved her so..
    ..and knew when it was the time
    that none of us who adore dogs
    ..ever want to come..

    I am still crying.. is how it is.. forever softly in the *stars*..
    darling HANNAH.. loved you are..
    so missed you will be..
    ..but grateful for every moment you gave us..
    angel dog..

  12. Precious Hannah…my darlings are waiting for you to help them chase butterflies and jump over rainbows <3

  13. I am so sorry about Hannah, but you did the best you could for her and she is well now and running free on sweet grasses and no longer suffering. Thank you for what you did for this special little girl.

    • Hannah’My Darling’, have so much fun jumping over rainbows n chasing butterflies…Always in My ❤ claire

  14. Rest in Peace Hannah… more pain and she is whole and healthy now beyond the bridge…. :'( <3

  15. I am so sorry to hear that Hannah had to be euthanized. She had lots of love and care in her final months. She is playing up in Heaven and watching over her “family”. Thank you for helping her.

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