Puppies Aren’t Presents Billboards – Can you help?

Help us reach our goal of placing 25 “Puppies aren’t Presents” billboards across the country during the month of December. Our message has the potential of educating more than 10 MILLION PEOPLE (based on traffic counts for these 25 billboards)!

Puppies aren’t Presents … they’re a lifetime commitment.

Donate via our Facebook fundraiser at this link (100% of your donation goes to Harley’s Dream) – – – or – – – you can donate through our general donation link (include a message letting us know your donation is for the billboards). THANK YOU!

More puppies are purchased from pet stores around the holidays than any other time of the year. The puppies are supplied to the pet stores by commercial breeders, commonly known as puppy mills. The parents of the puppies suffer in cages their entire lives, with the sole purpose of producing puppies. Most of these breeding dogs waste away in inhumane conditions, receiving no veterinary care, and experiencing no (kind) human interaction.

Not only are puppy mill puppies sold in pet stores, but they are also sold via cute and convincing, yet terribly deceptive websites where they are willing to ship the puppies to destinations across the country.

Puppies don’t make good presents. The purchase of a puppy as a Christmas gift is typically an impulse buy. It’s irresponsible. A majority of puppies end up in shelters and rescues, many just a few months after being purchased. Many of the puppies are never spayed or neutered. This not only exacerbates the homeless-dog overpopulation crisis, it supports the cruel puppy mill industry.

Harley’s Dream was established in 2016 to create awareness and educate the public about the commercial dog breeding industry, also known as puppy mills. We believe that a grassroots approach by large groups of concerned citizens is the most effective way to bring about change. Our focus is to encourage advocacy by providing the tools necessary to educate children and adults alike.

Your support of Harley’s Dream over the past several months has provided a majority of the cost for these billboards, but we still need additional funds to make the 25 billboards a reality!

Harley’s Dream is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Berthoud, Colorado.


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