Loveland’s Pet Store is Closing

Harley’s Dream has been peacefully protesting Loveland’s ‘Town & Country Pet Center’ for the past few years and the pet store owner recently announced that they will be closing their doors, that they are retiring. Over the years, the pet store had a large number of complaints and violations from the Colorado Dept of Agriculture on record regarding the condition and care of the puppies and other animals they sell. They had received constant pressure to change to a humane business model from different animal welfare groups including Colorado Citizens for Animal Welfare in the past, and Harley’s Dream in the more recent few years.

This particular pet store is located only 10 miles from Harley’s hometown of Berthoud, Colorado and has been in business for 45 years. As with any pet store, the owner states that his puppies do not come from puppy mills – they all come from loving homes. The USDA data regarding the source of the puppies proves otherwise.

An article announcing the closure by the Loveland Reporter-Herald can be found here:


  1. This is great news! I wonder why they didn’t just stop selling puppies and kittens but stayed in business selling pet supplies like a Petco.

  2. i love this – even though we get great support when we protest every sunday – I’ve also written to the city council members, sent a post card to the Mayor who heads the board – still they are in business – we wanted to be in the anoka county halloween parade (they are the halloween capital of the world – but no dice cause we were to Look
    controversial – not sure where are next move should be –

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