Puppy Mills and the AKC

Harley was AKC registered. A large percentage of the breeding dogs suffering in puppy mills are AKC registered. This isn’t a recent video, but nothing has changed. The AKC is NOT “a champion for dogs” as they claim. Don’t be fooled!


  1. No, the AKC is not a friend of dogs in my opinion. But point out to all you meet when you educate about puppy mills how the amish are the worst. I was shocked when I learned this and find people I tell are also surprised. I will never forget Harley; I got to hold him and he gave me kisses!!

  2. I have never ever believed the AKC was a champion for dogs..
    ..they’re all about breeding more dogs..
    and making more money..

  3. This is all just disgusting!! It almost seems as if ALL dogs have an immediate strike against them just for being born into a breeder situation. I know a lot of breeders are in it just for the money and don’t care about the dogs at all, but how can you even have a heart and know that you’re perpetuating mistreatment of these animals who have no control over their own welfare. Money is not the be all, end all of life. Taking care of others, both human and animal should be one of the top priorities. This is such a sad, sick world we live in.

  4. shared to fb pintrest and twitter – I do know this – unfortunately others do not

  5. Truly shocking. The lady being interviewed didn’t have a clue how many premises were being checked. She seemed to think a total of 9 inspectors across the US was enough. It disgusting! The videos of those poor caged dogs. Some were in a terrible state. AKC you should hang your head in shame! I live in the UK, I am appalled how badly dogs are treated by so many in the US. You go get a dog, dump it at the shelter when you are fed up, then walk away. A lot of the shelters are kill shelters, but you don’t care. So many euthanised dogs, loving dogs that could have made or had been pets. Please don’t go buy a puppy from AKC registered….please go get a beautiful dog waiting in line at a shelter……..they are waiting to be re homed, if not chosen, then euthanised. I follow the excellent, non stop work carried out by so many independent dog rescues across America. You save so many, you are the ‘champions for dogs’! Thank you for all your hard work, Harleys Hero’s is just one of many rescues who work tirelessly and deserve our thanks.
    Thank you to all of you who are dedicated to saving, rescuing & bringing new happy lives to so many poor vulnerable, uncared for, sad and lonely dogs in so many shelters across America. Please re home a dog from a shelter, there are so many waiting for a loving home. X

  6. The AKC is about one thing….Money. They stand against any effort to regulate puppymills because all those puppies are their bread and butter… They don’t give a fig for promoting the health and vigor of the dogs in their registry. Such a travesty….

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