NEW Puppy Mill Legislation in Colorado!

Puppy mill legislation is happening in Colorado and Harley’s Dream is proud to be a part of it!! A HUGE THANK YOU to our Harley’s Hero, Joyce Cohen, and Berthoud Mayor, Will Karspeck, for working so hard to make Colorado a more humane state!

Both Berthoud and Breckenridge have ordinances in place that prevent pet stores from selling puppies and kittens. We’re currently working on establishing ordinances in several other Colorado towns/cities as well. Some of the ordinances will be preemptive and some will not – most important, they will help pave the path for a statewide puppy mill bill which is being discussed for the near future.

PS: Eight years ago a pet store ordinance was passed in Fountain, CO, but it grandfathered in the existing pet store in the town and the ordinance has never been added to their municipal code. To this day, they have a pet store selling puppies that were born in puppy mills.


  1. As a fellow Coloradan (and one who rescued a puppy mill pup from the Greeley area), this is ‘wagnificent’ news. Thank you for your advocacy! Bravo. Small increments will begin to add up and begin to impact the lives of these remarkable pets.

  2. This is wonderful news! Hopefully, more cities and states I’ll follow!

  3. I am thrilled to bites about this. We need it everywhere. The dream will come true one day.

  4. I would like to spread this in Minnesota – we have three cities that I know of that have bans on pet stores selling puppies

  5. I would like to see Iowa adopt an ordinance against puppy mills, we are 3rd in the nation for puppy mills, disgusting. I’m always contacting our legislators about not letting pet stores sell puppies from puppy mills and stiffer punishment for animal abuse. I will certainly keep on contacting our legislators!

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