Heartwarming Story: Oliver & Franklin

The history: A little terrier was dumped at a Los Angeles shelter covered in dead ticks and matted hair .. with his eye hanging out. He was scheduled to be euthanized. Besides the obvious, the shelter said he was old, had dental disease and a hernia. He wasn’t available for adoption, but instead, he was closed in the back room of the shelter – the place where many of the “medical dogs” wait before being euthanized (fortunately, they did remove his eye). So almost nobody even knew about this sad little dog. I receive a euthanize list via email daily from the shelter – this is something that is hard to look at and I often will delete instead of opening. But for some reason (on June 11th) I opened the email and was compelled to contact that shelter and inquire about this little one-eyed dog who I named “Oliver”.

Fast forward: Some things happen for a reason and that clearly is the case in the story of Oliver and Franklin. Frankin is a little black terrier who already lived in a loving home, but lost his furry brother more than a year ago. He was lonely and would no longer play with his toys. I was talking to his mom, Nancy, one day and she mentioned she was looking for a companion for Franklin. Of course, Oliver came to my mind! On that exact day, Oliver would arrive at Harley’s Dream in Colorado. Things moved fast, Oliver had surgery and over the next couple weeks, he transitioned into this new home and life. Oliver immediately fell in love with his new family, but nobody is happier than Franklin, who, by the way, started playing with toys again (and graciously shares with Oliver)! 

Dan and I continue to receive the most heartwarming updates about these inseparable little boys! We cannot describe in words how grateful we are to Nancy and Franklin for allowing Oliver into their home and hearts. 

Oliver and Franklin

Oliver giving his new mom a kiss!
Franklin and Oliver in their car seat
Oliver in the loving arms of his forever mom
Oliver after surgery
Oliver after surgery
A new collar for Oliver


  1. Love this story! Oliver was meant to be with his forever family. Thank you Rudi and Dan!

    • The power of love and friendship. I have a one eyed senior too that l adore as much as any perfect specimen, probably more.

    • I love happy stories. So happy for all of you that helped Oliver find his forever home and his best buddy Franklin.

  2. Such a wonderful story and happy ending for those two cuties. God Bless everyone for doing their part to save Mr. Oliver and find a new friend for Franklin!

  3. Yet another wonderful story from the Taylor’s. May God continue to bless you and your family! ❤️🐾🐾 #HarleysDream

  4. Beautiful story, Thank God for such loving hearts who adopt babies in need, may they be blessed with many years together..

  5. so great to hear Franklin and Oliver continue on as brothers and are enjoying family life – we are blessed with Hope and she is the perfect dog for our family – Rudy really knows which dog belongs to its chosen family

  6. There are so many in shelters who never get a chance for a happy loving forever home even though they all deserve a second chance. My thanks to everyone involved in rescuing Oliver. Such a beautiful story!! 🙂

  7. Truly heartwarming….but my heart still breaks for all those who aren’t so fortunate….. <3 :'(

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