Bringing Frankie “To Life”

It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words” but in this case, a picture is worth perhaps ONE MILLION words!! Our Frankie Long-Legs was beautifully brought to life by Joan Cabarrus of JFCRN Custom Pet Sculptures … and a few days ago the sculpture was personally delivered to us by the artist herself. Meeting Joan was such an honor; an absolute pleasure. Not only is she exceptionally talented and a great lover of animals, Joan is so kind, humble and generous – she’s an amazing woman!

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P.S. Frankie’s journey had been documented in pictures and words. A year ago, Joan created a small sculpture of Harley – you can read about it at this link.

Artist, Joan Cabarrus and Frankie’s statue
Frankie’s statue in production

Frankie’s statue with Rudi and Joan


  1. OMG, looks just like him. Now Harley has his brother to sit next to. God bless her for doing this. Need on of teddy for his momma

  2. It is awesome! I love it! She is sooo talented, and that was wonderful of her to do this!

  3. UNBELIEVABLE!! what a treasure for you to have & what a wonderful artist!!

  4. Did Frankie Long legs pass away? I always get the blogs from Harley’s Dream. Did I miss one? OMG, how heartbreaking if this is true. 💔🐾

  5. Forgive me but I do not like this recreation of such a wonderful little guy. I do not mean to upset anyone but I believe that he should be remembered but only in our hearts. <3

    • OMG- it looks just like our Frankie. Thank you so much for sharing him with us. I would love a picture of him just like this.

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