A Tribute to Clyde by Elena Willets

This beautiful painting is by Elena Willets, the incredibly talented chairman of the board here at Harley’s Dream. Elena came to know “Clyde” over the past few years as he was the beloved dog of our New Mexico-based Harley’s Heroes, Eiko & Shinji. Sadly, Clyde passed away a few months ago – so Elena surprised his mom and dad with this painting of him. Such an amazing tribute to this special little dog who meant the absolute world to his parents, and brought smiles to everyone who knew him. Enjoy the photos below!


  1. What a beautiful painting of sweet Clyde, such talent! It will be something that will be cherished for years by his family.

  2. What a beautiful painting of Clyde, I’m so sorry for his loss, I’m sure his parents appreciated the kind thought, sending prayers to Clyde and his family. Sincerely, Mary Ann Gardner. 🐶🙏🙏🙏♥️

  3. Oh my, Clyde was so darling. Elena has presented Eiko & Shinji with a beloved keepsake, one they will cherish forever. What a lovely thing to do for these two dedicated Harley’s Heroes.

    I’m so sorry Clyde has left you. I believe he is with you forever and I love the picture of him being kissed by Eiko. xxx

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