Davey’s Adoption Story

From left: Rocky, Chumley, Davey and Bella

When Ken and Chris offered to foster Davey, it took about one week for them to say, “We can’t let him go!” But at that time their beloved 14-year-old Lab, Bella, was nearing the end of her life. Ken and Chris felt they needed to give Bella all their attention, and they had no intention of adding another dog to their pack so soon. But … Davey stole their hearts.

And so, Davey officially joined the family! He now has 2 brothers, Rocky and Chumley (sadly, Bella has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge). Davey goes for daily walks, plays with his toys, enjoys rides in the truck, and better yet … he goes boating and camping almost every weekend!

A special thanks to Emily Sierra Photography for all these beautiful photos which not only celebrate Davey’s adoption, but honor sweet Bella as well.  Enjoy!


  1. I am so happy for Davey and sad at the same time about Bella. I wish we lived closer so we could adopt from Harley’s group. We wanted to go to your Lancaster PA get together but its a 6 hour round trip and our eyes aren’t the best. I wish you would come to Dover, DE for an event. Davey is so cute!

  2. So happy Davey is adopted. Sorry about Bella she will keep a watchful eye over the little ones and by your side in spirit.

  3. Wonderful story…Davey certainly found a soft spot to land…. <3 <3 <3

  4. great photo shoot – glad I got to meet Chris at #HopsandHarley2019 – it’s great that while Harley’s House of Hope rescues senior dogs – we all get what we need – PS Emily I started a pinterest board and I’ve save some of your photos – hope that is OK

  5. Sorry for the loss is your Bella , glad Davey is part of your family now he looks so happy 😊❤

  6. Very sorry for the loss of beautiful Bella! So happy to Davey and his two sweet friends in their forever home, you guys are great!

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